NOTO NightClub Opens in Philly – The Preview Weekend

I’ve covered most of the grand opening’s of nightclubs in my ten year’s doing PhillyChitChat, (yes 10 in July, I know crazy) starting with G Lounge, which debut shortly after someone dubbed Philly the “6th Boro”, remember that fall out, then after hour clubs like Recess came along, and Whisper, and EDM club Rumor with it’s multiple rooms of music, then Coda with it’s EDM DJ’s, and live entertainment, all of which were great additions to the nightlife in Philly.

(courtesy of Best Western Plus – center. NOTO is on the right)

I’m so punctual, I saw that the party started at 9PM so that’s when I got there. No go, no one was there. I chatted with the doormen, who were very nice, most came from top clubs in Philly, a few moved to Philly from NYC to work at the club, they suggested I come back in an hour. I went across the street to Brick and Mortar (in the Goldtex apartment building) and had a delicious dinner.  While there I ran into the most fashionable Brian Taylor, and friends who were meeting up before heading to NOTO. Brian is just about to open a lounge in Philly, at an old familiar place, Shampoo, in the coming weeks.

NotoThanks to Brick & Mortar Executive Chef Michael O’Mara for surprising me with this delicious dish
Veal Napoleon. So delicious, it’s a special. But off the menu I had a Caesar salad. The chicken was amazing and a Mike Jerrick really
has to try it Lobster & Crab Nacho’s.  (See pix on my instagram)


I returned at 10:30PM and it was quite a scene. The general admission line is to the right, the VIP line is to the left.
The cover charge to get into NOTO will range from $20 to $30 cover depending on the entertainment.
The dress is nightlife chic, it’s safe to say dress shoes for guys, but check out the photos to see who got in.
vip bottle service (Custom)On the far left of the VIP Line is the VIP Bottle Service Line. All the entrances were nicely decorated, but the VIP Bottle Service Line has a separate nook, where you were guided to your Bottle Service area.

overview of club (Custom)

The upstairs bottle service are overlooks the entire club. The VIP VIP booths are on either side of the DJ booth to the right. This would be a bucket list place for me to hang out someday. On the first floor underneath the mezzanine level are more bottle service areas.

HD1_6130 (Custom)

HD1_6224 (Custom)
HD1_6108 (Custom)The downstairs bottle service area

HD1_6211 (Custom)

To the far left of the dance floor on the Mezzanine Level, is an open space for everyone to mingle and look on to the dance floor. There’s two staircases that lead up to the mezzanine level
This shot was taken about midnight.

HD1_6199 (Custom)

This is the Dance Bar, which is located just beyond the lobby of the club. That chandelier is made of old perfume bottles salvaged from a hotel in London. it’s amazing.

HD1_6308 (Custom)

 DJ Ruckus kept the dance floor packed on Saturday night. Note again the VIP DJ Bottle Service areas.
What is Bottle Service you ask?

HD1_6292 (Custom)
It’s renting a space to party with your friends inside a club, and the price includes drinks, mixers, water and everything else you need for a good party.  This is a shot of the 2nd floor bottle service area. There are 24 bottle service spaces at NOTO. Bottle-service tables I read  run from $600 to $1,500 to multiples of that for the VIP DJ Bottle Service Booths.

HD1_6194 (Custom)
HD1_6321 (Custom)

When you arrive to your area there is already a set up with ice, glasses, mixers, and napkins. Then your server brings out
the bottles for consumption.

HD1_6154 (Custom)
Gone are the “flares” they used to use. NOTO uses these lighted sticks (lit longer, less smoke), and other lit signs including the LOVE sign. It’s quite a production

HD1_6300 (Custom)
Another presentation

bottle service (Custom)
Then there was the production bottle service for one of the VIP DJ Bottle Service Tables

HD1_6127 (Custom) HD1_6128 (Custom) HD1_6145 (Custom)
It was really great to see old friends, and a lot of PhillyChitChat followers, you made my night.

Congrats to my buddies Ryan Dorsey, co-owner of Recess Lounge, co-owner of Dos Tacos, and former GM of Swanky Bubbles and Zee Bar,  Zach Seidman, formerly VIP services of Fillmore Philadelphia, Atlantic City’s HQ Beach Club, HQ Nightclub, Dusk and Whisper,  for being part of a team opening a premier club in Philadelphia that I know both had longed to do for a long time.

Good Luck to the whole team

James DeBerardine – Director
Ryan Dorsey – Director
Jeff Bowell – Director of Operations
Zach Seidman – Director of Hospitality and Marketing
Steve Sauls – Operations Manager