Kelly Drive, ML King Drive, BF Parkway Weekends Closures 2015

I live on the Parkway, so these lists are crucial to me. Thanks to the Phila Parks and Recreation for sending them to me every year. I checked they are not on their website yet, but when they pop up I will get the link to you. My advice is really just avoid this area. Feel free to copy these and save them for yourselves.CLICK TO MAKE LARGER. Also I have put the link on the left side of blog for future reference Under What’s Happening.
Feel Free to also screen shot these and keep on your computer.

My advice, from Center City go up 16th Street to Fairmount or Girard and enter Kelly Drive at 26th Street if you’re going West. But make sure you check the list below to see if there are detours there.

Otherwise I suggest you go up JFK to the Schuykill Expressway entrance near 30th Street, and avoid the Parkway and drives completely. Leave early, and be patient. Listen to the new Madonna CD, it’s very tranquil. Sometimes I jump on 95 south and take 476 to KOP. My friends laugh at me, but it’s the same amount of time if I sat in Schuylkill traffic to get to KOP mall.

 The shaded area means that it’s a partial closure, traffic is directed off of Kelly at the Grant Statue and returns to the drive near the Dell.

But you get a lovely tour of the Eastern side of Fairmount Park. Just don’t be in a hurry. And watch for stop signs.

 Most events fit within the normal closure hours, shaded areas are outside normal closure times.