Ellen DeGeneres Tweets She’s Coming To Philly and Shutting down Walnut Street #ElleninPhilly

 Ellen DeGeneres Tweets She’s Coming To Philly: ‘I’m Going To Shut Down A Couple Of Blocks’
Ellen and I follow each other, it’s true. 66.2 Million people are following her, and she’s following 36ks. I don’t know why she picked me but hopefully she’s going
to tip me off to why she’s closing a few blocks in Philly on Wednesday. Yes you heard it right, she just tweeted this.

Since she follows me I thought we should have lunch while she’s in town

UPDATE most of new info is at bottom of post


One of my readers on FB says Ellen is debuting her shoe line on QVC on Thursday, so maybe that’s why she’s in town. She’s gonna give us all shoes?
I could always use a nice pair.


I read her tweet moments after she tweeted it while I was enjoying Ravioli’s at Scarpetta – Philadelphia
cause you know it’s National Ravioli Day.

When I left I walked up and down Walnut Street, well at least 5 blocks of it near Rittenhouse Square, and I did find No Parking Signs, so maybe
The Ellen Show will be doing something on the 1700 & 1800 block of Walnut. Or it could be for the movie Untouchable, which is filming maybe in a lovely kitchen of someone’s
penthouse apartment on the Square, or who knows these days they could be putting up another high rise or digging up the street.

One thing I do know for sure, people are loosing it over #ElleninPhilly cause my Instagram got 396 likes, and 40 comments in less than an hour. It’s kinda a sad since it took me nearly a ha;f a day to get that many likes when I got married, but whatever, I guess I never give away $10,000 from Shutterfly or a car, or have Christmas presents for my audience.

Road Closures for #ElleninPhilly

Anywhoo, let’s start a hashtag #ElleninPhilly so we can all keep track of what’s going on, I promise to let you know, what I know, when I find out.

OH wait I just got an update from someone in the KNOW – It’s the 1600 Block of Walnut Street, sometime in the afternoon.