Bhavna Shyamalan & Kristine Carroll Vibe Vault Fit Open House September 11

At Vibe Vault Fit in Exton, PA, Kristine Carroll and Bhavna Shyamalan have created a tight-knit community of people on a journey to all-encompassing fitness and wellness. Kristine comes from an athletic background, having competed as an NCAA All-American cheerleader, and then going on to direct and choreograph in the collegiate cheer world. Kristine is an experienced fitness professional having owned and managed a successful fitness studio and teaching various fitness formats since she was 18.. Bhavna , Ph.D. serves as co-founder and vice president of the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation, which strives to remove the barriers of poverty globally. She also has an expansive background in psychology and a deep understanding of the mind, and overall wellbeing. Bhavna (a.k.a. Dr. B) entered the fitness world in 2011 and has taught dance fitness since. Though coming from two different backgrounds, Bhavna and Kristine share one common goal – “to unlock your inner vibe through body, mind, and soul work”. That is exactly what they do at Vibe Vault Fit.

Vibe Vault Fit is not just a fitness studio. It is a place where you belong and are known by name. It is a
community of mostly women who are on a journey together to empower each other and achieve ultimate
health together. On Sunday, September 11th, they will be hosting an open house, and they would love to
meet you. Come experience twenty-minute demonstrations of their class offerings, see their approach to
wellness, and enjoy local vendors from the community. This event is completely free and open to the
public. Giveaways and a chance to sign up for 2 weeks of free classes makes this an event not to
miss. If you need a positive shift in your life. This is the moment. Registration is live on their app
now! (Visit: www.vibevaultfit.com).

Vibe Vault Fit is a boutique fitness studio offering a variety of fun music-driven classes
including Dance Fitness, Barre, Pound, BEAT HIIT, Power Fusion, Yoga, and Personal Training. They
offer something for everyone, regardless of fitness level. And yet, Vibe Vault Fit does not focus on just
physical fitness. That is because they aim to help people reach their full potential through holistic health.
Bhavna and Kristine believe that full potential is unlocked at the intersection of body, mind, and soul
wellness. One cannot exist without the others. How do they achieve that? By providing an environment
that is welcoming to all.

Bhavna Shyamalan and Kristine Carroll co-founders of Vibe Vault Fit

The studio is nothing short of a family that strives to know you as a person.
They are interested in people as whole beings. In addition to their fitness offerings, they provide several
wellness resources, like bi-weekly meditation workshops. They even have a Pod-squad, where they
come together to discuss podcasts that they have been listening to and learning from. Wellness
workshops have spanned from community gatherings focused on creating vision boards, practicing
mindful eating, and discussions addressing issues ranging from living authentically to happiness hacks.

Vibe Vault Fit is also partnering with 7 incredible vendors this year! They include: @thebackspace.chiro, @juicepod_lionville, @glitzbeautiful, @boutiqueonthirty, @divinefloatspa, @the.stretch.solution, & @bravebeautybar 🤍 They will be offering different services & shops from 10:30am to 1pm either outside under our tent (weather permitting) or in our lobby! BONUS — our vendors are generously donating prizes to be won by those who attend on the day of the open house 🤩 more details to come Sunday September 11, 2022!