Jim Kenney Thinks LCB’s could Distribute Canabis, and Wine Should Be Sold At Wegmans

Tuesday, Evan Urbania & Matthew Ray of Chatterblast held a Reception in Support of  JIM KENNEY Democratic Nominee for Mayor at Garces Trading Company in the Gayborhood. There was a nice turn out of voters to the cocktail party. I arrived just as Kenney was addressing the crowd.

Some of the highlights of his speech: He’s not giving up on anyone. He believes in 2nd chances, believes in prison reform and believes we have a higher percentage of African Americans in prision unfairly. Many on drug charges, specifically pot. There’s no way more AA’s smoke pot in this City than other groups. There’s something wrong. He will end “Stop and Frisk” as he believes AA are targeted at a higher rate than other groups. He’d like to see pot legalize, and controlled and sold in LCB stores. It’s about time wine was sold at Wegman’s, freeing up space in the LCB for pot. No one cards more aggressively than the LCB, and pot would be sold only to the 21 and over crowd. Kenny said he is excited to keep the greatness of Philly going following great leaders like Gov Rendell and Mayor Nutter. He’s renewed in his faith after seeing Pope Francis, and he’s excited to be Philadelphia’s next Mayor.

Host Committee – Matt Ray, Jim Kenney and Evan Urbania center
 Andre Golsorkhi – Armon Vincent – Ben Haney  Dan Giacobbe – Gavin McKay – Geoff Johnson – Michael Braunstein   Marc Coleman – Michelle Taglialatela – Nikolas Greenblatt – Scott Peters

Ben Haney, Scott Peters, Michael Braunstein and Marc Coleman
Evan Urbania and Geoff Johnson
Jim Byrne, Rebecca Devine, Co-Founder and Principal Maven Communications and Nicholas Greenblatt
Gavin McKay,  founder and head of Unite Fitness, Jim Kenney and Andre Golsorkhi,  ‎CEO, Sidecar
Richard Lee,  ‎Owner at Media Copy and Maggy Wilkinson
Eric Muller and his brother Greg Muller
Brad Deleone,  ‎Freelance Graphic Designer and Jay Romberg
Michelle Taglialatela, Tag Strategies and Karen Kaufman – The Kaufman Partnership
Tiffany Tavarez, Exelon, Jaret Wilson, is a talented musician teaching private in-home piano, guitar, voice, and drum lessons in the Philadelphia area,  Bjorn Henriques, Fox 29 and Marc Coleman, President, The Tactile Group
Nick Plagge, VIVANA Wellness and Jesse Rendell, Rendell Management & Consulting
Michael Braunstein, Online Sales, Marketing, & Client Services Team Leader – ‎Comcast Spotlight, Marisa Magnatta, WMMR and Justin Pizzi, Saxbys.
ELECTION DAY IS less than two weeks away on Nov 3.