Cape May Summer

Unofficial summer ends this weekend, and I’m so glad. As I get older, the summer goes by so much faster, just as my mother always said would happen. This year I’m not as sad it’s over, in fact I’m ready for 2021.

That being said, I did have a wonderful summer spent with friends, family and meeting new friends; I traveled to beautiful places, ate entirely too many good meals, all outside during one of the hottest summers ever and now with Lantern Flies, and experienced moments of joy, beauty, awakenings and terror (If I never see a fireworks show again, ok who am I kidding). One of the places I traveled often was Cape May this summer, a beautiful spot.

Although I had been to Cape May many times over the years for dinner, bird watching, the monarch butterfly migration which is from mid September to mid October, and for a quick shopping trip, but I had never stayed there. This year it was on my bucket list, and it was cemented when I found out my nephew TJ would be working at the Chalfonte Hotel. The photo above shows the Chalfonte during the 7PM nightly concert which takes place on the porch. People from all over Cape May come to enjoy professional entertainers every night, as well as locals on Thursday nights where anyone can join the band. (I’ll write more about the hotel in a future post.)

Today I am focusing on the beautiful gardens of Cape May. So many beautiful gardens and porches.

I love my flags, and Cape May didn’t disappoint.

Natures front porch to the Atlantic Ocean

Happy Labor Day Weekend. See you on Social Media, and back here at Philly Chit Chat blog on Tuesday. I’ll be writing about my trip to Lancaster, another area you know I travel to often for day trips but have never stayed over night. Excited to see what else is there in addition to the beautiful scenery and the Amish who I often photograph, but only from behind as it’s not polite to capture their face. Have a safe weekend, be kind and thanks for reading PCC> HughE