Fun and Fascinating gifts to buy at The Museum of the American Revolution

Oddities For Sale at The Gift Shop of The Museum of the American Revolution

As you know the Museum of the American Revolution  101 S. 3rd St.  opened this week.


Yesterday I published highlights of the opening ceremonies. While I was at the museum I checked out the gift shop, who doesn’t like shopping. Well I found quite a few interesting gifts in there (I’m sure appropriate in their time) and here are 20 of them….

HD1_5513 (Custom)It’s a beautiful gift store, and my favorite kind – the one where you don’t have to buy a ticket to the museum to shop at, so you can run in and buy that
book, tshirt or one of the oddities I’m about to show you.
dolls (1)This isn’t odd per se,  except for the kite part. Kinda wonder why they didn’t use a slim piece of medal to make the kite fly, but that’s just me.

dolls (2)

Betsy has never looked so good. All these dolls were around $20

dolls (3)
dolls (4) HD1_5517 (Custom)
What the heck is this, I know what it is but it’s an oddity for sure. I guess it’s a paperweightHD1_5518 (Custom)
Sealed with a kissHD1_5520 (Custom)
wall platesHD1_5526 (Custom)
Ornaments with the log of Museum of the American Revolution
HD1_5542 (Custom)
These had some weight to themHD1_5527 (Custom)
A hat for everyoneHD1_5529 (Custom)
Pewter Dice, Musket Ball and a Signal Whistle, which also are sold as bracelets and necklaces in the jewelry sectionHD1_5531 (Custom)
Historic telescope  and musket souvenirs
HD1_5535 (Custom)
Personalized Pen Knifes (don’t try and bring these on your flight home.)HD1_5536 (Custom)Paperweights HD1_5540 (Custom)

These are so cute and only $14.95 HD1_5543 (Custom)
How’d they get that boat in there?HD1_5545 (Custom)
Patriotic candy. Be warned the chocolate Liberty Bells are fragile.HD1_5547 (Custom)
I have to have these George Washington Socks. Mom is eyeing the scarves.

Museum of the American Revolution: Homepage

The rumblings of the American Revolution began more than a decade before the “shot heard ’round the world” ignited America’s War for Independence.

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