Frame – A Welcomed Vibe in Old City

Just opened in Old City the new restaurant Frame at 222 Market Street. When you first see the facade of the building it reminds you of an exclusive lounge with it’s wooden frame and large curtained window. Step inside and that vibe continues; but you’ll discover it’s really a restaurant with next level dishes and innovated cocktails with it’s tabled booths, four tops, two tops, but still maintains an intimate vibe with it’s purple hue and exposed brick walls.

The new restaurant Frame hosted an exclusive Grand Opening event featuring a bite sized menu tasting
with a global fusion of flavors and influences says executive chef and Philadelphia local, Brianna Wellmon who brings her love of global cuisine and artistic presentation to the Frame menu. From “adults only” versions of foods you loved like PB&J, berbere-spiced filet mignon served in a jus of sherry and caramelized onion, and numerous vegan and gluten-free options like stuffed mushroom, a tofu dish that is a vegan spin on beef with broccoli. Most days Frame opens for dinner at 4:30pm, on Sunday’s at Noon. Frame’s late-night menu, kicks in at 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday as the DJs start spinning.

“Frame reflects a sense of consistent change, reminiscent of the evolving city and people of Philadelphia,” said designer Jeff Low, “the intentional design reminds us that change is inevitable, how we frame ourselves and experiences is ever-changing, and that growth is meant to be discovered and celebrated amongst friends.”

Ian Paterson and Allie Volpe (my former editor at Philly.com)

Kate Rubey, and Sarah Leonard

Riley Garton, Vanessa Augello and CHase Quigley

Mike Jerrick, Good Day Fox 29, Wayne Shulick, owner, who you’ll recall had the hottest nightclub in Philly in the 00s, Denim on Walnut Street, and Breland Moore. Fox 29 Sports Anchor. Mike Jerrick and Breland Moore are about to launch a new show on Fox29 where they’ll do arts & culture stories. It’ll air every Tuesday at 6:30pm.

Jermaine Jenkins, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships at AIA Philadelphia and Dave Silver, Co-Founder & CEO at REC Philly | Forbes 30 Under 30 – Social Impact Entrepreneur, 2021

The secret garden

Jamarcus Henderson and Ernest Owens
CBSPhilly anchors Jessica Kartalija and Janelle Burrell

Reunited and it feels so good as Carrie Nork Minelli, Parx Casino, Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assoc., and Scott Barnes, Comcast, pose for a photo. Carrie and Scott are both alumni of Cashman & Assoc.

Head on over to Frame to chill, for the vibe, to check out the secret garden, but make reservations first.
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