The New Exciting Concourse Dance Bar Opens – Retro, $5 & No Dress Code

Philadelphia night life just got excited again with the opening of Concourse Dance Bar in the old Turf Club at 1635 Market Street. Avram Hornik, FCM Hospitality owner of popular spots Morgan’s Pier, The Dolphin Tavern, William Street Common and everyone’s favorite summer spot Parks on Tap, wanted to create a no nonsense retro club with a $5 cover and no dress code, like The Dolphin Tavern, but much larger.

The Concourse Dance Bar entrance is in the breezeway between Market and JFK on 17th Street. While waiting in line you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of City Hall.

Originally it was written that guests would use a slide to enter the club, but plans changed and there’s a nice staircase which descends into the club. The former escalator is filled with fun inflatables to set the tone of the retro club.

Lucy the mirrored Giraffe greets you as you enter the club.

There are lockers for you to put your belongings

The club is bi level, on the first floor is a dance floor,

furry poles

PS Did I mention there’s no dress code, which is great cause I love to wear shorts in the summer and there’s not too many dance clubs that have a relaxed dress code.
And a plastic ball pit,

yes that’s right a plastic ball pit

The ball pit fits 20 people comfortably, and folks get 15 minutes to play and take selfies. There’s an attendant on hand.

There’s also a spot for coats and shoes before diving into the “pool” BTW don’t dive into the pool

The 2nd level is lounge like with tables, comfortable seating, couches
fuzzy chairs and 70s retro tables
If you think they’re going for the Studio 54 vibe, you’d be right

There’s a photo booth

and pac-man video games near the ball pit
In the center of the downstairs area is a section of cocktail tables The ladies room is easy to find on the first floor, across from the lockers. The men’s room is across the hall.
Concourse is opened Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Get there early as this spot
is going to be hot, hot, hot