My Apartment Building Got Vaccinated, How You Can Get A Covid Clinic

GREAT VACCINATION NEWS!!!! was the title of an email that landed in my inbox from the my apartment building. The Philadelphian last week.
We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Centennial Pharmacy to bring COVID vaccinations to the building.

Centennial Pharmacy works directly with the City of Philadelphia and State of PA to perform various vaccinations. They are currently receiving 2,000 vaccinations a week of the Pfizer vaccination and have allotted enough for our building. Centennial is also administering vaccinations at some of our neighboring condominiums
(I spoke with the doctors on site Tuesday, and they told me they had already vaccinated vulnerable older residential housing, including HUD housing throughout the City, Ruth Williams House, Casa Farnese apartments, William Penn House, and Kennedy house in Center City).

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Centennial will come to the building and perform vaccines for all Philadelphian residents and staff who are currently classified as level 1A (My husband often calls our building a cross between a cruise ship and a retirement home), and 1B Centennial has confirmed that anyone living in, or working in, a congregate setting is considered a 1B. Nurse’s aides or outside help of our residents will also be eligible. This will NOT be open to the public.

Before this email I hadn’t heard that this was possible (I had signed up, and was just waiting to be called, I am in 1B with my ailments but wasn’t nervous of getting Covid19 having already had it a year ago 3/16/20), but after I tweeted about our building getting vaccinated today, many media people inquired about it online and eventually asking city officials, and it turns out that this was a well orchestrated effort with officials, and is happening in all 50 states. Once the Covid-19 vaccine became more widely available in the past few weeks the rollout began at fast pace.

You see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) worked with states to select initial pharmacy partners based on a number of factors including their ability to reach some of the populations most at risk for severe illness from COVID-19 and as availability increased opened it up to other pharmacies. Centennial Pharmacy is one of those drug stores which was eligible. They they screened a list of applicants who had applied for this kind of large scale operation and fit the criteria, and basically this is how it happened.

My building has a majority of residents over the age of 70, many in their 80s to early 100s. One 106 year old women even survived covid virus last year.

Many of the residents I talked to are so excited to do things again, as well as see family members.
Michael Nise, founder of Dancin on Air, remember that cool show. (Kelly Ripa got her big break on the show.) He’s so excited to get the vaccine and get to work on a reunion show and other business.

Our building has 776 units, and over 800 residents were vaccinated. The building consists of 3 wings, and the doctors started at the top floor around 11am vaccinating the workers, retail workers as we have a supermarket, drug store, Little Pete’s, doctor’s offices, NovaCare, hearing aid store, and home nurses aides who weren’t on duty, working there way down, finishing about 5:30pm)

People were asked to wait outside their apartments an hour before their scheduled time, with everyone who was in their unit, as well as their home health care worker if they had one.
Lindsay Dymowski, ‎Co-Founder, President Centennial Pharmacy Services tells you how your building can apply for a covid clinic to get vaccinated.

I was impressed how they vaccinated the building: They did a great job. They brought in 6 teams. They started with the office workers, nurses aides, and staff. Then hit the top floors and the middle floors to do 800 residents in 5 hours.

My neighbors and I are very grateful for the Philadelphian Management for their year of amazing management of covid19 pandemic procedures, the safety procedures, the positive messages and so much behind the scenes management to keep us safe. I personally want to thank the Covid19 Task Force of volunteers for their service to my family, and to many residents who were diagnosed with Covid19 and quarantine, or were just quarantining for safety, some for the entire year in their apartments; the task force delivered our mail, removed our trash we left outside of our apartments, and managed our deliveries. Thoughts and prayers for those who passed from Covid19, especially our dear neighbors who will be missed.