Photos: A Snowy Week

It’s so rare anymore we get snow, yet some people are over it already after 3 storms. When I was a kid, it seemed like we had snow from December 21 until March 21. Bring on the snow, I mean most of us are inside anyway, working from home, waiting for work. I think that you never snow people just don’t like snow. Last week was beautiful. I took a few photos.

FDR Park

Kelly Drive
The first photo of this set, and this last one are always on my must capture every year. Don’t put the snow shovel away yet, I hear it’s supposed to snow just a little tomorrow, and maybe a little more on Thursday.

Stay warm, and wear your mask. Now I really appreciate the mask, so much warmer than a scarf. ChitChat on social and tomorrow right here on PhillyChitChat. Have a great day. HughE