I’m Too Sexy For This Post: 2011 Sexy Singles Party at Palomar

Check out my Philly Mag column today for the in depth coverage of last nights Q102 Sexy Singles Party featuring a few of the 2011 Phila Daily News Sexy Singles (Link at the bottom of page)
Mae Cartwright is recently single and looking to mingle. She loves Mike Jerrick and Good Day Philadelphia, and wants me to say hey to him. Hey!! – Oy kinda irritated. I pump out my columns so quick on Philly Mag that I sometimes forget peoples and things like: THE FOOD was prepared by Square 1682 and Guillermo Tellez. Recently the executive chef at Square 1682 restaurant in Philadelphia, shed an amazing 40 pounds. Here’s how he did it.

Jump up, jump down (PS What the heck is this underline crap? oh if only I paid attention in computer class.)
Jason Bock, just bock and friends. He was in rare form last night, well it would have been rare form if it was anyone but Brock, but it was just a normal night for this 28 year old out with his buddy 2011 Sexy Single: Marc D. Leone. Molly Moore and Ashley Ridall.Singer Jojo makes her way through the crowd

Singer Jojo performed to an enthusiastic crowdthey sang along
Natalie Thomas and Danielle Scott; PS One way not to make it into my column, writing your name like a rock star. If I can’t read it, I’m not going to spend too much time trying to figure out what it says. So do you’re best penmanship, thanks. Someone on this page is lucky they sent me an email cause I had no idea what their last name was.
Joel Sumner, Kim Klosow, Melissa Heathridge and Lauren Farrow
Q102 Winners and excited to be there. In another room, Q102 set up a photo booth for folks to bring home souvenirs for themselves. WHICH reminds me, I have a new advertiser. Do you want a photo booth at your next event? Cool Pix Photo Booth.

Sexy Roommates: Lauren Nickels and Sexy Single 2011 Jen Sherlock, Jenna Communications
Ann Good and Katie Adams

I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts
And I’m too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan

Terri Sautter and Carly Davis
Barbara Ellis – Sexy Single 2008- She’s sexy and she’s sixty and Sheila E flank cub Efrain Sosa
Crystal Watson, Kelly Williams and Nicole R Tucker
Sweet she posed for fans

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