MY NIGHT WITH PORN LEGEND MARY CAREY, words my dad would have loved to hear – LOL

Sorry for not doing the Academy Ball Photos part 2 today (Academy Ball Photos & Write up Part 1 is posted here), I was out late and there is no way I could do justice to an important entry like that, but I did not have the usual Hughe night out on Tuesday, ok maybe it was too far off the mark for me.


Ryan Howard at Del Frisco’s over the weekend with his beautiful Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader girlfriend Krystle Campbell.

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Reading Terminal Market will Heat Up the Night at Valentine to the Market Gala Fundraiser Valentine to the Market to feature dancing, dining and live entertainment; pre-Gala VIP party will pair off local personalities with area chefs for a “cook-off” competition. Tickets $45 – $300 VIP event. Proceeds benefit the Reading Terminal Market Preservation Trust and will be used to preserve and enhance the historic Reading Terminal Market for future generations.A Speedy recovery for my friend Justin Pizzi who undergoes the knife today to fix a crushed neck vertebra.

MY NIGHT WITH A PORN STAR, although Mary Carey doesn’t do porn anymore

Last night I had dinner at The Corner with my bud GN Kang who filled me in on a lot of fun things the Hamel’s Foundation is doing. Did you know that 100% of the money raised at the Denim and Diamond event goes to the foundation. Look for the event to happen at the Crystal Tea Room in August.
GN Kang and I love, love, love the Beet Salad at the Corner. Also the Octopus.
They just added chicken wings to the menu. Perfect sweet and hot tastes. We shared the
cheesecake which was so rich and delicious. John “Chainsaw” Taus was manning the kitchen tonight.
Then it was over to 10 Arts to meet with friends who were dining on Chef Jen Carroll’s fried chicken. Delicious, although I only had one piece and well a little more octopus.
I always like to stop in the kitchen to see Jen and say hi. She just got back from the Cayman Islands, and is preparing to go travel to the finals of Top Chef All Star. At some point someone came into the kitchen and asked me who the blond was sitting at my table. I thought Jennie Hatton had joined us,
When I got back to my seat I found the beautiful former porn star, current “dancer”, celebrity Mary Carey and her husband of a year Mario Monge. They had just eaten dinner at Sampan with their friend Dennis, who was friends with Chef Michael Schulson. Michael was meeting Rob Wasserman (Rouge) and Laura Burkhardt at 10 Arts for friend chicken at 8PM. Mary and Mario met on a blind date, and married 7 weeks later in Las Vegas (surprised?) They are so cute together and are so in love.
Dennis, Jennifer Carroll, Laura Burkhardt, Mary Carey, Mario Monge top row Rob Waserman and me.
hmm fried chicken. Mary tells me that although she appeared on Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, it was alcohol that she was trying to quit as I told her I wasn’t going to publish her with a drink, but her addiction to Xanex and she said it was fine. She’s in town to make an appearance on Friday at the Wing Bowl, and to make a special dance appearance at the Gold Club, which I hear is near Applebee’s and the Bellevue. (I had no idea.)
When Jen got done work we all made our way over to Rouge to continue the night. It started to rain, no ice, no snow today so odd. Last week the weather guessers missed the prediction of the snow storm, and this week they said we would get snow and ice, that didn’t happen either. Ridiculous.
On our way to Rouge I took Mary and Mario on a tour of Philly. Up Chestnut Street, to Samson where we picked up a bartender from the Oyster House, Kate who had just gotten off, then up Walnut to Rouge. They were freezing as they just arrived from LA that morning.
CBS Radio’s Michael Braunstein was hanging out at Rouge too. Tells me that Danny Bonduce On Friday, February 11th, WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce is going to officiate the wedding of two very lucky listeners at Delaware Park for Valentine’s Day.
There was more chatter and fun for the next two hours, none of which I can discuss here on my family friendly blog. But Charlie Sheen is living a normal Hollywood Life, but picking the wrong porn girls to hang out with, obviously ones with big mouths and not the good kind of big mouth.
Mary realized she left her phone at 10 Arts. Ryan the GM was more than happy to run it over to her. Then it was on to the next bar for a nightcap where things really got wild…. Also it was great meeting one of my readers there who really encouraged me on my future plans which I will be discussing tomorrow on PCC. He follows me on twitter and already knows. That Twitter it’s like a confessional for me. Last night, All in all it was a strange & fun trip indeed, but that’s to be expected if you hang out with MISSbWHERE