I was there when Katy Perry Climb The Rocky Steps, plus pixs from her concert & her look a like Fans & Her Dad

Katy Perry performed two sold out shows at the Wells Fargo Center This Week.(Katy Perry Runs Up The Rocky Steps photos are at the bottom of the page.)

 Thanks to Bentley Holdings for inviting me to hang with them Monday night in their box and catch the concert. Gregory Heinz, Daria Cuda, Morgan DeNicola, Cosmo DeNicola (co-owner of the Soul Football Team), Natalie Scarantino, Maura McGlone and Lauren Richardson

Before the show I captured a few of the Katy Perry fans. They were very excited to see her.

I ran into Katy Perry’s dad Keith Hudson who was more than happy to pose with fans.
A nice crowd was on hand for the concert.
There were lots of fun songs and costume changes

 an ode to Grace Jones
 At one point during the concert Katie stopped to take a selfie with a fan.
 I happen to know that guy, his name is Temple University student Ian Raymond. He’s a uber fan of everyone current and always seems gets to meet his favorites. This has to be one of those most memorable times.

Katy Perry enjoys a Ralph & Rickey pizza with a fan.

 Another fan interaction came when Katy Perry pulled up a local high school girl Madison for the Birthday Song. Madison’s bday is August 20.
    One of my favorite moments of the concert came when Katy Perry flew around the arena, she came very close to all sections and the song Happy Bithday ended like this..

Monday night Katy told the fans she’d be going to a few museums during her stay
 Tuesday she was more specific, saying on stage that she’d be going to the Philadelphia Art Museum to run up the Rocky Steps at midnight. She showed up (with a police escort) and so did about 200 fans.

as the night wore on more and more people showed up
Katy did her best to pose and chat with as many fans as possible during this crazy melee.The police did an amazing job with the crowd control. No matter how much the fans chanted run the steps, it wasn’t going to happen, there were way too many people.

Before I got there I heard Katy Perry had already run up the Rocky Steps and on her way down encountered the fans.

 but at some point it became overwhelming and the police started to lead her back to her car
I call this photo, Katy Perry realizes she’s being led to the wrong car, eventually they got it right and got her to her black Sterling Limousine rented SUV (it says that on the back of the car)
When she got safely back to the car she told the police and her handlers she’d pose for a few more photos with the kids.

 And she did, in her pizza Snuggie!!

I like how she checks afterwards to make sure the photo is perfect.
I keep my promises Philly!

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