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On Cue: the Red Rum Opening Party

Without a Cue, a murder mystery production company, founded in 2002 by Traci Connaughton, based in Montgomery County, celebrated its first brick & mortar space last night in the historic Curtis building . The space at 7th and Walnut will be called the Red Rum Theater, a 100-seat cabaret-style venue and will offer appetizers and spirits from Pops McCann Whiskey to guests seated at cocktail tables during live performances.

Liz Mattera,guest, Sheila Hess, Phila City Rep, , Traci Connaughton,Traci Connaughton – Executive Director – Without A Cue, Jen Jaynes and Mac Versak-Kennedy

The night kicked off with an official ribbon cutting, followed by a preview of their first production of its popular “Golden Girls” murder mystery, which debut earlier this year at Craft Hall.

The show’s opening night, January 17, coincides with what would have been “Golden Girls” star Betty White’s 101st birthday.

Jackie and Jessica Glosson

Each show begins as the audience arrives at a party thrown by the Golden Girls. Then suddenly, a party guest is murdered. Clues are then delivered to the audience’s tables as they interact with the cast to solve the mystery.

Dhruvi Shah, Evie Burt, Penny Gsell, and Nick Greeby
Gabrielle Ochoco and Sabir Peele
One happy family: Genvieve Mazzoli,Traci Connaughton,Tatyana & Chris Mazzoli

“This has been a project in the making for 20 years, and a major goal for the development of Without A Cue,” said Traci Connaughton, executive director of Without A Cue. “Choosing the Curtis as our future home seemed out of reach at first, but it was a dream venue and a perfect fit for our new theater. We are so excited to continue our in the heart of Philadelphia providing laughter and joy to many.” 

Tina Lynch, Jake Fruncillo, and Jen Jaynes

Red Rum can be reached from the entrance off 7th Street, in the space formerly occupied by Cooperage bar and restaurant. Parking for the Curtis Center is available in the building’s parking garage.

Colleen Dunn, Jay Vereen, Shannon Pepe, and Brooke Givens

“Golden Girls Murder Mystery” runs through April 29th. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to show time for check in. Your proof of purchase will serve as your ticket, but they have a list as well.


Thanks Andre Flewellen for shooting the opening for the team.