UMAMI: An Evening of Sensory Indulgence and FUN

Last week I went to the most fantastical event. The Theatre Confetti Party. But it wasn’t just a party, it was a celebration, an event, a happening. It really was one of the most memorable events I had attended in the past five years. Let’s meet some of the people who were there…

Coartistic directors of Theatre Confetti Bi Jean Ngo and Nicole Paloux celebrate during the event with Where Magazine’s Kristina Jenkins (r), who is now part of the artistic team

 Guests began to arrive at the Power Plant, which lies in the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Old City, at around 7PM. Actors Noah Berger and Alexa Darrow were one of the first to arrive, looking smartly dressed, and looking forward to what lie ahead and was promoted as a lite fare, show, drinking and dancing.

 Michael Clarke and Vincent Vienne, GM Sofitel Hotel Philadelphia
 Justin Fine, Clarina Portnorth, Mariana Seltzer and Larry Reese, tell me that they’re looking forward to the Philadelphia Flower Show starting tonight. They need a little spring, and they need it right now. I don’t blame them, it was cold that night, but warm inside.
Model Joe Gorgol and designer Lele Tran.(she designed the white dress Nicole Paloux is wearing.)

Ahsa Sahijwani, Kristina Jenkins and Sara Moix

 Fusion II dance Troupe was in the house and performed a lively dance for the guests after dinner.. These ladies are all in high school, and are already supremely talented. Check them out on 4/7/13 at the Painted Bride.

 Abby Raymond, Anna Schneider and Kelly Colum
 Neil Shah, President and Chief Operating Officer Hersha Hospitality Trust and Juhi Shah
 Renee Millett, Dustin Resnick and Jon Gosier

 I entered the room where the dinner party was to be held and it was simply spectacular. It was dark, with just ambient light so that you could see who you were talking to, as well as to safely walk around the basement theatrical space. There were blue balloons lining the ceiling, with strings attached, most of them long closest to the perimeter of the room, but shorter in the center of the room. It really lent itself to a festive atmosphere, and built the excitement for the night for what was to come.
Surinder Aggarwal and James Healy

 Let the dinner begin. Umami: An Evening of Sensory Indulgence by Theatre Confetti. Bites by & Wild Theatrical Performances.

The narrator for the evening guided us through our meal, through the entertainment to the finale

The night was like a mystery novel unfolding with each chapter
There was dance
The dance was choreographed by Nancy Berman Kantra and that Rolling Barrel Events did the bar.
Lovesick Inc. (the DJ’s) and Kuf Knotz
the band played: West Philly Orchestra
 Charles and Nicole Paloux open the dance floor
Love was in the air

Set design by Creme Design. During the first number when folks were on the dance floor, a button was pushed and several of the balloons exploded covering the guests in confetti

And before I knew it the night was over. But it doesn’t end there…

Coming up next for Theater Confetti is the debut of Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at Old City’s the Power Plant beginning March 7