WMGK’S Comfort Food Contest

Last night was John DiBella’s 12th Annual Comfort Food Fest Contest. I’ve attended about 8 of them, including the first 5 years when they used to give out a large spoon. I’m glad to see it’s continued with great success, and was honored they asked me to be a judge. Being judge cuts back on the photos I could take but I did get a few. Let’s see who was there and more importantly who won at last night’s WMGK’s competition at The Fillmore Philadelphia

John DiBella and Lisa DiBella

Thanks to Kory Aversa on the assist for this photo of the Judges for the 12th Annual Comfort Food Contest. Judges Vince Hutach, Danya Henniger, Editor at Billy Penn and HughE Dillon, Philly Chit Chat.

Thanks to all the restaurants that participated including: Craftsman Row Saloon created waffle stuffed with chicken, Jones – Chicken Pot Pie, Revolution Chop House – Rock Shrimp Chowder, Tradesmans – Fois Gras Ice Cream, Catina Feliz – Empanada, Alma De Cuba with their Cubano Hand Pie, 33rd Street Hospitality with their Clams Casino Chowder, Stina Pizzeria made Lasagna, Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar with their potato leek piergogie and Stove & Tap

Danya Henniger and I deconstructing Tradesmans delicious Fois Gras Ice Cream and Cinnamon bun

The folks who brought you Bercy, now bring you Stove & Tap. Their delicious comfort food was Shrimp & Grits and it was really good. I hope they have it on their menu when they open soon.

Mike Sultan owner of 33rd Street Hospitality made a delicious Clams Casino Chowder. Everything I love in Comfort Food, and perfect for a Lenten meal.

Winner Tradesmans

With their Fois Gras Ice Cream and Cinnamon Bun. For more photos from the event head on over to WMGK’s site