TGIF was more than that last Friday evening as Philadelphia Style Magazine kicked off the re-launching of their magazine; the party was held at CITY HALL in the courtyard, that’s right PHILADELPHIA CITY HALL COURTYARD. City Hall is now hosting events again after the long dark period of vacancy, the lights are on, the veil has been lifted, the building has been returned to its citizens. (and remember this Wed 12PM is the opening of the Farmer’s Market)

The new owner of Philadelphia Style Magazine is Jason Binns of Niche Media. His empire includes some of my favorite magazines Hampton, Ocean Drive and my very favorite Gotham magazine. The publisher remains the same John Colabelli. Sponsors for the night included Lincoln-Mercury Ken Toscano and Peter Fong, and Haley Binn pose on the red carpet. Yes a red carpet in Philly. Philly does not have enough red carpets, more red carpets please. Every event is a celebration and we need a red carpet. Ta dahh can you see who the cover boy is for the first issue of the relaunched magazine…an adopted Philadelphia boy, someone who really gives back to our community.
Jon Bon Jovi. One of the significant differences with the new magazine is the size. The magazine bucks the trend of what’s been happening to other print sources, it celebrates the media, it embraces news/entertainment/fashion/food it has lots of content and features a lot of content, lots of photos and it takes a lot of paper to accomplish this supersizing the the glossy to a healthy 288 pages and measures 10 x 12 inches!! CBS Weatherman Doug Kammerer and his wife Holly Jason Binns greet Mayor Michael Nutter on the red carpet. Both of these men are really revitilizing Philadelphia. Binns is pumping up an already established Philadelphia magazine and taking it to the next level, and well you know how I feel about Nutter. He’s everywhere, he’s Philly’s best PR agent and a leader you can look up to.
On his lapel the mayor was wearing a black police officer shield in honor of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski who was laid to rest earlier in the dayOn the rainiest day of the month of May Meteorologist Bill Henley and his wife Diane Johnson from Tierney Communications wearing an outfit from Kimberly Boutique, and Jimmy Contreras of Kimberly Boutique. Don’t miss this weekend’s Tibi Trunk Show Saturday, May 17 th 10AM – 6PM Shop the fabulous spring and summer Tibi collections on this special day! Enjoy special treats, fashion tips from Tibi Representatives and of course shopping and more shopping for your spring and summer wardrobe! Molly, Elizabeth, Lisa and Michael from the Lisa M. Reisman Gallery near Rittenhouse Square
The mantle has been passed Kerri-Lee Halkett is the reining Philadelphia anchor babe, and another weather guesser John Bolaris (when did he return to Philadelphia and are they the new power couple of media?) Reuben Harley of Mitchell and Ness
GREATER Philadelphia Film Office honcho Sharon Pinkenson and husband Joe Weiss
What was really exciting for me, a former volunteer at the City Hall Tour Office is the excitement of having parties at the newly restored and beautified City Hall. For years the courtyard, Conversation Hall, the Mayor Reception Room has been dark and vacant of money making revenue for the past 6 years. The money generated from these events supported the “Fund for Philadelphia”, which funded many of the cultural events held in City Hall, and my favorite, the City Hall Tour Program where I volunteered. But when the events ended, and funds dried up, the program had to shop for a funder to support the Tour including the school children’s educational programs. Happy days are here again as it is now run through the Independence Visitor Center. Another event that was cut so long ago, and which will hopefully find it’s way back is the “City Hall Ball”. Another fundraising event for “The Fund for City Hall”. The previous mayor changed the name to “The Mayor’s Ball” and not surprisingly attendance dropped off to nil and was scrapped. Now with the launching of a new administration, and the launching of an exciting magazine the City will hopefully relaunch the practice of renting out City Hall for parties and festivities which raise monies to benefit the City.

Who’s this new guy we’ve been seeing all over town. Who’s Linkin has over 200 connections in less 6 months, ok I am so jealous, I just started that linkin thing and I have 2 links, so link to me or visit my Facebook, ok enough about me. I am so not Internet savy socially connected. Anyway it’s Matthew Vlahos (R), Spinster (Director, Public Relations) at Red Tettemer (advertising). I met him about 6 months ago when I covered Paris Hilton at Macy’s. Remember, he was trying to get a photo of the State’s representative Groundhog with the heiress, but Paris would have none of it. With him is an equally energetic bunny, producer and future law school student, David Alan Perkiss (L). Ice cream hmmm
Special guest was Philly Native Jarrod Spector who is currently starring in Chicago’s touring company of “Jersey Boy’s” and is featured in the premiere issue of “Philadelphia Style”

People were dancing, chatting and having a good time

There was a VIP room which had couches

David and wife, Out There PR maven Sheryl Raskin Can you believe the COMPASS in City Hall courtyard is an almost perfect place to have the dance floor. The history of standing on the Center Square in the center square is just mind boggling to me. Did I mention I also volunteer for Preservation of Landmarks, and the building I give architectural tours of is City Hall. So I really love this building.

and before I knew it the night was over. There’s no doubt that the Philadelphia Style kickoff party was a great success, I can’t imagine the challeges that the Cashman girls had to face to pull off a party that ran so smoothly, and successfully. Guests were happy, the food was delicious, desserts were sweet and people were dry. Did I mention the monsoon. Originally the event was supposed to be an open air party, but it was not to be and a tent was erected, the floor plans were changed and you know what I like it better than the open air plan. Cashman & Assocs. the force behind many successful events including the Relaunching of Philly Style at Philadelphia’s City Hall. Carrie Nork, Nicole Cashman and Dana Lombardi for putting on an amazing event Coat Check Cashman girl and friend Rebecca Perkins, Sgt. Ray and Kerry Kelly

Cashman girls, Ellie and associates hand out the gift bags for the attendees. The newest Cashman girl Nicole Blicher, who you may know as the co-founder of Nice People theatre.

Looks like my photos were picked up here: and here (I hate when they only credit my photo agency)