Whole Foods On Broad? Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Spotted

Last summer I wrote about the Bellevue undergoing changes starting with Mary Dougherty’s Nicole Miller store closing that location. (Story)

Which would lead to more stores closing at the location so they could renovate the lobby a source at Starbucks told me. It seems Nightingale Properties, the new owners, would like to return the hotel back to a hotel with a grand bar/sitting area in the lobby. Philly is a hot spot now, and we need hotel rooms so it’s not a bad idea. Unfortunately some of our favorite spots are going to have to move to make room for the new lobby like the recently announced Tiffany’s Jewelers which is moving to the old Zara location (PBJ), which I hear the owners want to be a hot spot like the Ritz Carlton down the street. Have you been there lately, it really is a hot spot now.

When I first wrote about the lobby changes last summer, I noted that the food court was often closed most days. I had heard rumors that the salon located in the basement, might move to the first floor where the Polo Shop was located, but vacated so many years ago.

Screenshot from website

I think it’s fair to say that they’re definitely going somewhere as Tavern on Broad closed last Wednesday. The employees found out on Monday that New Year’s Eve would be their last day of work. A fairly tight group, they were heartbroken. I hear the owner is looking for a new spot in town so stay tuned. Rumor has it the food court area is to become a Whole Foods. Great spot for a supermarket as there are no big food markets in Center City Proper, but could we get a Wegman’s instead, there’s already a great Whole Foods in the Art Museum area, and on South Street. A guy could dream though.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are definitely back on, as I first reported 12/14/19. This past week they shopped a lot in South Jersey, near Ben’s new home in Moorestown. Then over the weekend they were spotted at Federal Donuts, and on Saturday night at Davio’s in Center City (as seen in this photo I found on a BENDALL sight.) If it’s your photo I’ll be happy to give you credit, and I’d love to hear more details. Crossing fingers that the Sixers win tonight. I hate when Kendall gets the blame for their loss. LQQK for Bradley Cooper to be at today’s Eagles game. He grabbed brunch at the Four Seasons before heading out to the tail gate parties around 2pm. Happy Chit Chat see you tomorrow.