The cast of Glee’s tour stopped in Philadelphia Tuesday for a concert at the Wells Fargo Center last night. Using the Four Seasons as home base a few of them ventured out to tour the city on the nearly 100F spring day.
Kevin McHale takes a dip in Swann Fountain. (Twitter) which was across the street from his hotel, the Four Seasons.

Later he emerged from his hotel in the same shirt but different pants and his glee cast mate prepare to head off to the evenings concert at the Wells Fargo Center. I hear he did greet fans after the show near the buses. I’m always amazed how really different he looks from his character. I wonder why they didn’t cast someone who was in a wheelchair?
Chris Colfer with his stuffed animal. My mother made me give away all my stuff animals when I was 13, I’m envious of him.
Who’s skateboard is on top of the heap?

I do watch Glee but really more like listen to it cause my computer faces the opposite direction. Mike watches it ever week, and so does my niece. I was just hoping to get a few good shots. Two years ago they were here and I photographed them at The Continental, and even walked them back to their hotel giving them a mini tour. I was kinda disappointed this time that they seemed so glum, it really doesn’t take much effort to look my way and smile.
Jenna Ushkowitz talented in so many ways, especially texting and walking.
Heather MorrisAshley Fink
There were two different vans going to the concert hall. The 2nd van left an 30 minutes later and carried some of the bigger stars like Lea Michelle and
Lea Michele looks beat. To tell you the truth she was always a little grouchy when she appeared in Spring Awakening on Broadway. And I’m sure with a talent like hers, she’s probably bothered all day long with fans and people wanting someone from her. I think she’s the one who was supposed to be the big star on the show, but it’s really an ensemble piece. It will be interesting to see where she goes after Glee leaves the air or she ages out in 10 years.
Lea Michele stopped by Le Pain Quotidien at about 3PM Wednesday to pick up a salad. She had her cab wait and just ran in and out of the store. The clerk told me she was super sweet. This would explain the tip that someone saw her at the Bellevue as the lunch place is right across the street.
Sourpuss Amber Riley
to happy Amber Riley cause she’s the only Glee I got a reaction out of, especially since the fan boy next to me and I called her name. The others we were confused about…
Naya Rivera eeks out a smile. I was irritated that none of the Gleeks looked my way. I understand they must be tired with the grueling schedule they have, but it was also irritating that their bodyguard said none of them would pose so why don’t you leave, I’ll be blocking all your shots? Geez Louise is it really that big of a deal? Plus they ignored one fan who was there to meet his idols. I guess yesterday was the day you had to buy a ticket to get their love and affection.
Best friend on and off the set, Mark Salling and Cory Monteith found the Frisbee disc game not too far from the Four Seasons Hotel, in Fairmount Park. (From Cory’s Twitter)