Today Get a Tattoo and Pizza for a Year; Or Skip the Tattoo and Get Free Pizza for Lunch

Philly continues to blow up on the food scene as another successful chain moves into Center City. Today The D.C.-founded chain of community-focused pizza shops. &pizza,  known for its devoted ampersand-tattooed employees (The Tribe the owner Michael told me the, handmade pies, and craft sodas. It’s at 1430 Walnut Street or as we like to refer to it as The Cheesecake Factory building. It’s on 15th Street closest to Bookbinders’ er I mean Applebees.


Last night I attended the VIP sneak preview party, and had too much delicious pizza. I have some pixs below, but first the important news. FREE PIZZA On opening day at 11AM, free pies will be given to the first 215 guests in line (a nod to the 215 area code). The first five guests in line who request a tattoo of the brand’s signature ampersand, will receive it gratis, in addition to free pizza for a year. The brand makes the same offer to its employees – the &pizza Tribe – and to date more than 60 Tribe members have signed their allegiance on skin. (It is a cool tattoo I think, hmm pie for a year, it’s tempting.)


Michael Lastoria (r), chief of executive and co-founder of &pizza, the Washington-based fast-casual pizza concept rapidly expanding in the Mid-Atlantic region., with Center City’s GM who’s name in the excitement I didn’t get. But I’d love to have for
my Liberty Press Column next week. Guess I’ll have to stop by again.


The ethos of &Pizza


The wrapping comes off today


Joe Esposito and David Dee


Samantha Sheetz, M.S.Ed and Peter Urscheler, President Pennsylvania Jaycees



&pizza prides itself on serving up experiences in addition to fresh pizza. Guests have the
opportunity to craft their own individual pie (with unlimited ingredients) or choose from nine
signature pizzas, such as the meat heavy Maverick, the egg-topped Farmer’s Daughter, or the
Gnarlic (exactly what you think, but so much better), each one with its own unique flavor profile.
The pizza shop uses fresh ingredients and works with local producers to create its signature
and seasonal menu of pizzas, snacks, craft sodas and artisanal teas. Guests can order ahead
on the app or dine-in. &pizza has created a product that is distinctly their own, and opportunity
for its employees and customers to be part of something greater that gives back to the
community, from its innovative hiring practices to its &CHARITY program.


Ryan Mohl, Brian Nagele (tells me he’s gotten out of the nightlife business), Shilpa Sood and Kaela FortinoPizza
Krystal Souvanlasy and Jeff Podolak


The Royal PB&J – chocolate hazelnut-peanut butter spread, banana, bacon and grape jam


This is the brand’s 17th shop and first outside the D.C. area. For &pizza, Philadelphia embodies  what their trademark ampersand has come to be represent – a “go anywhere, do everything”  lifestyle.  &pizza also commits itself to each and every new neighborhood it joins. Every shop  is designed to reflect the neighborhood it serves. For &pizza Walnut, the brand partnered with  local architectural firm [BOX]WOOD to bring the shop to life with dramatic Philly flair.


Joe Boruchow stands beneath the mural he created for &pizza, titled “Philadelphia Under Sun, Moon & Stars.”


Additionally, through &CHARITY, the brand’s localized charity arm, &pizza will launch its  signature Buy One, Give One campaign for Friday, October 14 and Saturday, October 15. For  every pizza sold on those two days, &pizza will donate a pizza to either the Philadelphia Mural  Arts Program or The Attic Youth Center, two respected local charities. Pizza

Natural tea in a jarPizza

My favorite pie – The OG, but I loved the Meat Lover Pie too. These are the actual sizes of the pies
you’ll get. They’re priced at about $10


Customers customize their own pizzas with unlimited free toppings, except shrimp, there’s a nominal fee for those guys.



Philly known for it’s craft beer, here you can get craft soda. It’s very sweet. The cherry reminds me of a slurpee.hd1_3367-custom

Part of the tribehd1_3372-custom

Swig – Professional Event Staffing Pizza

OK now, who wants a tattoo and pizza for a year?

Hours for &pizza S – W 11-11; Th 11-12am
Friday & Saturday 11AM- 3AM