Lancaster, Lititz and Leaves

Another weekend, another road trip. These times are trying, but this season is my favorite. As the social circuit photographer of Philly OCTOBER is the height of the fall social season and I would never have the opportunity to travel so extensively. I love getting to know all these day trips from Philly, anyone can enjoy the places I view. Most of what I’m doing is car touring, but I do stop in cute little towns when possible as well.
Sunday afternoon in Lancaster

This weekend I traveled back to Lancaster to attend a BBQ Matt Ray and friends were having at their vacation farmhouse on Saturday.

We had a fabulous time. It was nice to meet Matt’s parents and his childhood friends, as well as Mr & Mrs. Smeriglio
After the BBQ Ray Smeriglio did a fantastic job at lighting the campfire by the creek.
The house and area felt like I was in a scene from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. At any moment I was expecting Ichabod Crane to ride by, especially because there was a covered bridge nearby.

Goats in a nearby field

This Amish man is wearing a mask

Folks in Lancaster County take Halloween very seriously.

Traffic is light on the back roads, allowing you to slow down to get shots. There’s not much of a shoulder to pull over to get shots or selfies though.

There are a lot of farmers markets, and pumpkin patches for you to purchase local produce and crafts from. The leaves are hit or miss in the area. It’s still a must visit through out October, but I think in 2 weeks it’ll be peak leaf peeping time.
There are so many cute B&B’s as well as hotels in the area, but we returned to Lancaster to stay at the Marriott Penn Square. Thanks for all the notes for those who have visited Lancaster over the past few weeks since I first stayed there, as well as the folks who enjoyed eateries the Plough and the Exchange, which is where Matt, Miguel, David and Ray headed for dinner shortly after we took the shot I posted first in this column.
Next week Mike and I are headed back to Northeast Pa. The leaves should be near peak, I hope. Thanks so much for reading chitchat today. See you on Social, HughE