The Menu at Made In America Is Very Hipster, Prolific & Reasonable

Earlier I mentioned the drink prices, now I noticed they put up the Made In America Menu

HD1_1906 (Custom)

I have to say it’s epic. So many choices, and interesting choices, as well as the standard burgers, dogs and fries.  Love the titles for the “eateries” too. Banh Voyage – Then they want you to chose your adventure.







Menu  Menu HD1_1917 (Custom) Menu


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Hebros Kitchen (1) (Custom) Menu Menu




There’s also a food/drink court on The Oval

9-1-2016 11-33-35 PM

Here are the prices for the drinks. Remember there are water stations for you to fill up your water bottles

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for FREE – Also remember Budweiser is picking up your Lyft tab on Saturday and Sunday nights. When you get the ride, or the next morning when you awake, thank them using the HASHTAG #GiveADamn cause they do. Drink responsibly.

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Here’s The Made In America Set List Line Up

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For the fifth consecutive year, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey will benefit from the “Budweiser Made in America” music festival over Labor Day weekend. A portion of the proceeds from the event will support United Way’s work to improve education from cradle to career.


Enjoy the festival! Be sure to visit us in the Cause Village to learn more about our Education initiatives. The Cause Village is on the North Side of the Festival below Eakins Oval.