Olivia Munn, Luke Evans, Josh Brolin, and Maggie Gyllenhaal Will Not Be Coming To PhillyWood #3Seconds

Two months ago I happily broke the news that Philly was going to have two films this summer. Three Seconds, and Equity,

 the latter which wrapped two weeks ago and I will write about soon as I spent the last day of their filming on the set.

 Otto Bathurst was scheduled to direct the indie movie, “Three Seconds” which stars Luke Evans and David Oyelowo Oscar nominees Josh Brolin and Maggie Gyllenhaal and “The Newsroom’s” Olivia Munn were to join Luke Evans and David Oyelowo in the star-studded indie movie “Three Seconds.” This was a full budget
SAG-AFTRA contract, Union and Non union. Shooting in Philadelphia and
must be local hire for Philadelphia.
Over the past month “Three Seconds” opened their production offices, scouted locations, moved into their apartments, held casting calls and scheduled shoots.

Luke Evans arrived in Philly mid July to prep for the film.

Then when I was in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago I saw this headline:
Hundreds of extras sought for filming of ‘Three Seconds’ in Greensburg August 10, 2015. The filming was to take place between September 7 and September 19, 2015 – this being one of the many places in Pennsylvania for a Three Seconds shoot, including Sun Center Studios is Pennsylvania’s premier film and television production facility. 

The first shoot in Philadelphia was scheduled for Sunday, it didn’t happened. Then I noticed yesterday Olivia Munn didn’t come to town yet, in fact she and her boyfriend made several very public videos that blitz the news cycle today. I was wondering why.

 Monday night I ran into someone that worked with the Three Seconds production, who told me the movie was not going to happen, in Philly or anywhere in Pennsylvania, but was unable to say for sure about ever. He was fairly angry when he told me, I told him I was a photographer who photographed celebrities and I was disappointed. The production has been closed down and everyone had left town.

I contacted Sharon Pinkenson for a comment. She told me:

We did everything we could. But the ultimate effect of the lack of a PA
budget agreement for those of us working in the film industry was the
loss of 1200 jobs, counting crew, actors & extras from the THREE
SECONDS production. That’s a lot of people losing
their jobs. 

It was just 3 years ago when we lost another big budget film with a heart throb because of the stalemate with the budget, which does cost jobs and affects peoples lives.



Stop by Teuschers Chocolates in the Bellevue Shops Lobby for you Easter and Passover Candy Today. Cute chick & rabbit boxes. Just sayin’

What a great week. I think I had a column on PhillyMag.com everyday, but today. My “The Party Never Stops” page debuted in Philly Mag. I went to a lot of fun events, and I even remembered a few of your names. Best of all the TULIPS have popped out. Colin Farrell sightings…

I was going to post a bunch of pixs of Philadelphian’s that were at the Virgin American party last night, as I posted “celebrities” that don’t normally grace these pages in my PhillyMag Column HERE (Seth Green, Amber Rose, Zoe Kravitz & Penn Badgley), but then I thought nah let me do something fresh. I was on my way to the Bows & Brews event at the Ethical Society, as I passed the park the sights and sounds drew me in. I thought wow there’s a lot of orange around. Why don’t I see what I can shoot and use orange as a theme. So the following pixs of orange somewhere in the shot.

She’s in red, but the bike behind her is orange, I think? This is also what you call shooting from the hip. I’m not always brave like my buddy Big Rube who will “hose you down” (paparazzi phrase) whether you know it or not. I really like the shots where you don’t know I’m taking you, candid.
I guess Rittenhouse Square wants to keep peeps off of the grass. Not sure if it’s working.
It was a little colder today than yesterday.
OK this may be red, but isn’t that orange in over there by Parc?
George Perrier is spending a lot of time at the Rittenhouse Row eateries, and people are paying their respects as they should. He looks relaxed at Rouge.
 What’s going on at Parc? Colin Farrell didn’t eat here.
At Devon Big Rube is shooting a subject in the street. That’s Melanie Martin. I haven’t seen her in a bit. She’s been seeing John Westrum for about 2 years. 
I like how someone put their hat on the statue. Victoria Secret Bag pink & orange
I wish people would walk their bikes through the park. About a decade ago they would give you a ticket for riding your bike through the park. I long for those days. 
I finally made it to 2nd Annual Brews & Bowties Event which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Philadelphia Chapter. I will write more about it next week. 
Francesco Storniok and Anh Phan
Ok that is questionable orange, probably more like pink, but I did like the shoes. What do you think of this subject so far? Or are you a Colin Farrell fan and you just want to jump to that info. It’s at the very bottom. 
Then I had dinner at Davio’s which I will write about next week. When leaving I remembered that RAW Artists was at G Lounge, which is the basement floor of Davio’s. My friend Erin Como hosts it, with producer Fred Calalang. (Erin’s with boyfriend Danny Schuyler. Those two are just about to leave town for their next adventure. Erin got a TV gig out of state and will be leaving at the end of this month. So happy, yet devastated at the same time. Erin is by far one of the nicest peeps in Philly.)
Gallery ML to free body painting from its general perception as an over-sexualized fringe art and bring it into the realm of respected fine art. Tonight is First Friday and they are having an exhibit.
Nix Herrera, Face off season 2, Jem, Lawren Alice Curator – Gallery ML and Natasha Kudashkina, Artist
RAW Artist is held the First Thursday of every month. It’s musicians, artist, jewelers, fashion designers showcasing their work. I think it’s $10 to get in. If you’re a budding artist you should apply to show you stuff there.  There’s also smaller events held at Valanni’s every Monday.

Colin Farrell spotted in Rittenhouse Square area
Colin Farrell is in town to film Dead Man Down with actress Noomi Rapace. There were sightings all over town on Thursday as I hear he is looking for a house to rent for the nearly two months he will be filming here. In the evening he was spotted walking through Rittenhouse Square, and then later at The Sporting Club at the Bellevue. (Guess I’ll start working out more.) It’s not a surprise because that’s where Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger worked out when they were in town. As I was leaving G Lounge someone gave me a tip that he was eating at a.kitchen. (hmm that is really blurry, but he’s the guy with the hand over his face [on blurry left]. I so had the wrong camera with me. ) Originally he was sitting in the window, but when I got on the scene there were two other snappers there and he moved his seat to the bar to eat, bummer for me. With no chance of knowing when he was going to leave, and the midnight hour approaching I left.  Tune into Fox 29 Good Day Philly to hear about a few more sightings of celebs around town.  Also did you see my star power column in Philly Mag Online Yesterday?
Happy Easter and Passover. Thanks to my Sponsors.  Please support them. How much fun was Let Them Eat Cake, just too much.