It’s Back to Rittenhouse Square for Stephanie Lutzo’s Adresse Boutique

Nearly a year ago Michael and Stefanie Lutzo’s Adresse boutique left it’s beautiful Rittenhouse shop for it’s “semi-permanent” new digs in Old City,

vowing a return to the Rittenhouse Square area in the future. That day has come.

Although she loved the new location at 45 N. 2nd Street, Old City minus a few glitches, I hear she’s excited to return to Rittenhouse Square and we’re excited for her to return to Rittenhouse Row, and Walnut Street, which she didn’t think was possible in an interview she had with Inquirer fashion reporter Elizabeth Wellington back in July, “Walnut Street is no longer an option for us,” Lutzo said. “They want
companies they don’t have to worry will make the rents. At the end of
the day, they don’t want to rent to Stefanie Lutzo.”
1921 Walnut, the McKean-Moore House will be the new home of the Stefanie Lutzo’ store, Adresse. 
It was built in 1897 by the firm
of Walter Cope and John Stewardson, who were known for their Collegial
style architecture on the campuses of Bryn Mawr, Penn and Princeton. 
More recently it’s been home to a coffee shop, and then rented out as an event space.
  Look for the Adresse triumphant return by the time the last snow pile melts or before the temps hit 100F.