Jillian Mele and Nefertiti Jaquez Leave NBC10 Philadelphia

This is what happens when you lose touch with a friend, you read about their good news on Twitter.

The Comcast Network to launch ‘Breakfast On Broad’ April 6 

All-New Morning Sports Show Serves Philadelphia’s Rabid Fan
Base an Entertaining and Lively Breakdown of the Day’s Top Stories and
Trending Topics

Daily Lineup of Guests will Include Local and National Sports
Figures, Entertainment and News Personalities Spanning the NBCUniversal

Philly Fans Will Shape “Breakfast on Broad” via Social Media, Engaging @BOBonTCN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

“BOB” is made for Philadelphians, by Philadelphians, featuring local
talent both in front of and behind the cameras. In addition, the show
will tap into its NBC Sports Group family ties and welcome A-list guests
from coast to coast to present an entertaining take on Philadelphia’s
most pressing sports topics. Setting the table each morning are Upper
Darby’s Rob Ellis, Glenside’s Jillian Mele, Philadelphia’s Sarah
Baicker, and former Eagle offensive lineman Barrett Brooks.

I am so excited for this new adventure. Anyone who knows me knows I love
Philly sports.  I am from here, went to school here, and spent a
wonderful 7 and a half years covering local stories at NBC10 including
High School Blitz and our Olympics coverage. 
I started my career at
Comcast SportsNet as an intern in college, so the fact that this brings
me full circle and I am able to stay within the family is all I could
ask for! – Jillian Mele

I was sad when Nefertiti Jáquez left Fox 29 in 2009 to head south, and glad when she came back again in 2013 and went to NBC10, and am sad to report that it looks like she’s moved on again.

How to stay warm and still look cute… Lol.



I met Nefertiti Jaquez several times, and I was honored that she considered me a friend, trusted me, and even more honored that she allowed me to write her good-bye to you her viewers, friends and fans.
NEFERTITI JAQUEZ’s last day on the air was Christmas Eve. A popular reporter, sexy, hot, mature, thoughtful with a large fan follow as I discovered after I wrote about her the first time there wasn’t a day that went by that someone wasn’t looking her up.

(she’ll probably be embarrassed by my description, because the one thing NEFERTITI JAQUEZ is is humble, shy and private.)

She told me that she left her beloved position to take care of a sick family member, and as someone who just had a sick family member I can whole heartedly agree it was the right decision as this time is so very precious.

She wants everyone to know that she loves PHILADELPHIA, plans to be visiting a lot, and maybe one day I’ll be back. But for now, there are no concrete plans except be with family in Miami. “So I’m definitely taking a STEP OUT ON FAITH.”
AND FOR MY PERSONAL NOTE FROM HER: “As for us HughE, you still OWE me a date. So next time I am in Philly EXPECT an email. With that said, I MISS IT THERE…but I’m not gonna lie 80+ degree weather in Miami, just so nice as well as nice to be with my family.”

I look forward to her visit, because if it’s one thing I learned this year, it’s about quality of life, not quantity. God Speed NEFERTITI JAQUEZ XOXO

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with NEFERTITI JAQUEZ explains to me that Houston is close to Miami, where she is caring for an ailing relative and the weather is warmer. If it’s one thing we all know, cold weather is not good for the ailing. Philly’s loss is their gain. One blogger in the Houston area has already taken not on Nefertiti’s popularity and has written about her, that’s how I found out. And yes to Mike McGuff you should start a fan page you won’t be at a loss to followers for her: http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2010/01/nefertiti-jaquez-lands-at-kprc-2.html


Former Fox29 reporter Nefertiti Jáquez returned to Philadelphia in 2013 to work for NBC10.
Update: March 9, 2015, Nefertiti Jáquez left NBC10. I’ll miss her she did stellar work.