Take Charge of Your Life

Not on my diet, I wrote last week when I reposted this delicious looking Philly pretzel, a pretzel cut in twos like a sandwich cause it is, a delicious looking bacon, egg & cheese sandwich sold at the new Row Home Coffee shop in Rittenhouse Square. Obviously my readers have good taste as well by the likes on this photograph. For many years I would run over and try such a delight, especially after an invitation as I got from the Row Home Coffee folks. My response, polite but a no. I’m trying to lose weight.

I was once skinny, in fact downright anorexic. Here in 1994 with Mike, and the guy who “introduced” us Rich Liu (we both attended his graduation party and met there), I weighed 155lbs. It’s Mike’s fault, I fell in love, was happy and gained weight, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? No idea who took this photo, but it cracks me up cause it’s as candid as can be, not one of my favorites, but I kept it.

In this post I won’t be doing my before, currently before photos, but maybe down the road a bit. OK it’s the New Year, and it’s going to be the New Hugh, again, because there is no shame in trying again, and again. With each passing year I attempt to return to healthy, I have made some in roads. It’s hard as you know, especially during the pandemic, cause food is so comforting, and exercise is work.

A few months ago my client GlobalFit, a leading workplace health and wellness technology company, told me about one of their companies the Charge Group virtual nutrition group, an innovative and rapidly growing provider of insurance-funded workplace health and nutrition program. I wasn’t ready to experience it. I wanted to eat freely, ignoring my ballooning weight and high blood sugar. I’m sure my readers were upset, since 2 years ago I announced I was at my wits end with my health. At the time I did get it under control, my numbers came down, I was happy, and then the pandemic occurred and everything went out the window.

Last week I took the first step in taking charge of my life, again. This time with a registered dietician, and the best part it’s virtual, I can do this, even when life returns to normal. I like talking to someone about food, the issues regarding food, I like having accountability, it’s like a therapist for food.

I signed up last week and was paired with dietician Catherine Perez. She went over the services with me, and explained how the insurance supported, one-on-one nutrition counseling services work (my insurance IBX covers 6 visits, a year, and if you want you can pay $75 a visit not covered. That is definitely worth it for me, they have reasonable package programs as well if it’s not covered by insurance as well.) CHARGE is an in-network provider for most major health plans. We were on the phone for more than an hour, and she knows more about my eating habits than anyone. You can trust them with your secrets, which they’ve heard before and will be able to provide you with guidance to reach your goals. BUT with everything, you are your biggest advocate. You need to be honest with yourself, or this won’t work.

Just like many of youse, I’ve tried many programs before, most are great, but they just didn’t fit my lifestyle, which is lazy and convenient, this feels like a good fit. At the end of the 90 minutes I had the foundation and tools to help me achieve my goals, this time. I love they have an online food diary, and a daily goal worksheet. Catherine can see it. This week wasn’t perfect, but I’m on a journey. Come with me, on a fantastic voyage. I’ll be posting here weekly on my progress, I’ll be honest, I honestly want to get healthier, feel better, fit in the chairs at Butcher & Singer, see a show at the Forrest Theater, or need help getting me up after crouching down for a photo at a concert etc.

Sign up process for individuals interested in CHARGE

Below are the 4 steps to sign up:
 Confirm Insurance Coverage

o Fill out a short form to let us know you’re interested. We’ll confirm that your insurance
plan covers nutrition coaching.

 Schedule 1-on-1 Visit with your Registered Dietitian

o If your insurance covers this service, you will be prompted to schedule an initial visit
with your Registered Dietitian.

 Login To Your Nutrition Portal

o Once you schedule your first visit, you will receive an email with login information to
access the CHARGE portal.

 Meet Your Registered Dietitian

o Let’s get started! It’s time to crush your health goals.