NFL Draft


Congrats Mr & Mrs Connor Barwin, More NFL Draft Sightings and Caitlyn Jenner Sightings all Over Town

Congrats Mr & Mrs Connor Barwin, More NFL Draft Sightings and Caitlyn Jenner Sightings all Over Town
Philly Gossip Sunday Edition


Welcome to Sunday, you made it through the NFL Draft in Philly, and it was spectacular. The weather was perfect, Philadelphia shined and a record 250,000 people came out to enjoy the
three day sports extravaganza. 4-30-2017 11-09-25 AM (Custom)
What did Connor Barwin do during the NFL Draft, he got married to his long time girlfriend Laura Buscher in Upstate New York. Guests included Jason Kelce, Beka and Jesse Rendell.

Come out and support Connor’s MTWB Foundation Sept 21

BarwinCaitlyn Jenner was in town to promote her book “The Secret of my Life” at the Phila Library on Friday night. She stopped into Macy’s to visit The Mac Team there, where Kristen Bierr, of McGillin’s was shopping on her lunch break. Caitlyn was spotted checking into the Rittenhouse Hotel on Rittenhouse Square. After her appearance she had a late dinner at Stephen Starr’s Parc, where friends told me she is much prettier in person.

Dion Dawkins, Temple University football star had his draft party at Gran Caffe L’Aquila at 1716 Chestnut St, He skipped the official draft festivities and decided to throw a party with friends and family and celebrate together when he got drafted.  He wound up going 63 overall in the second round getting the phone call from the Buffalo Bills.


Newly picked Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Fournette stopped by The Sporting Club Thursday to shoot a few media spots. He’s the spokesperson for MET-Rx which hosted the event.

4-28-2017 2-12-57 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Marcus Allen who took part in Night at the Fights! last night at Liacouras Center to raise funds for The Urban League of Philadelphia. He raised the most money for the organization.  Here he is at WMMR for an interview where he ran into Carl “Apollo Creed” Weathers, who in town to announce the start of the NFL Draft in Philly.

4-30-2017 11-07-41 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Josh and Toni Moshen, of Sweet T’s Bakery, Alex Holley’s favorite spot, on the birth of their baby girl.

4-30-2017 11-26-13 AM (Custom)




Join us for our Second Annual Run to Read 5K Run/1 Mile Fun Walk & Community Festival. It’s a celebration of food, music, and community!

Enter the Center School Run to Read 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk and run yourself right to a Bahamas dream vacation!

We’re pleased to announce that all runners and walkers over 18 years of age will be entered into a raffle to win the holiday of a lifetime at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, consisting of 4 days/3 nights at the Royal Towers in Atlantis. Atlantis offers a variety of gourmet restaurants by celebrated chefs, a relaxing spa, sports center, several pools throughout the property, beautiful beaches, water slides and other activities, the largest aquarium in the Caribbean, and a casino. Also includes airport land transfers in the Bahamas upon arrival and departure. *Airfare not included.

Drawing to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 11 am!



NFLDraft 2017 Philadelphia – What To Eat, I have the Menus and it looks delicious

NFLDraft 2017 Philadelphia – What To Eat, I have the Menus and it looks delicious

Philly is excited, the NFLDraft is THIS WEEK. Note to drivers the entire Parkway From the Art Museum to 20th Street will be closed to cars and people until after the NFLDraft. This is so they can finish out the build, as well as secure the area so that everyone can have a safe and fun time during the event. The menu choices are very Philly, and reasonable for an event like this.

HD1_5932 (Custom)

Eat HD1_5936 (Custom) HD1_5937 (Custom) HD1_5939 (Custom) Eat

HD1_5935 (Custom) HD1_5938 (Custom) HD1_5943 (Custom)

Eat Eat HD1_5945 (Custom) Eat HD1_5948 (Custom)

For the Complete NFL Draft Experience check out DISCOVERPHL where you will also find the schedule for fan experience.


4-23-2017 11-59-49 AM (Custom) 4-23-2017 12-00-30 PM (Custom)

NFL Draft Experience presented by Dannon® Oikos® Triple Zero, invites families and fans of all ages to enjoy a FREE admission, three-day football festival held along the half-mile stretch of Benjamin Franklin Parkway from Thursday, April 27 – Saturday, April 29. Representing the largest festival footprint ever created by the NFL, spanning the size of nearly twenty-five football fields, fans of all ages and of all teams will be able to participate in interactive exhibits, immersive games, and virtual reality experiences, free player autograph sessions and more.



AC Moore Opens, Eagles Wed, Bart Blatstein House and NFL Draft Stage So Far

Good Sunday to you. This week is exciting, no only because AC Moore is opening on Tuesday with lots of good sales already, but it’s going to be summer with temperatures in the 70s and even 80 – woohoo!! Here’s a bit of Philly Gossip for you…

4-5-2017 2-06-03 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Philadelphia Eagles QB Zach Ertz and his new bride Julie Johnston (American soccer player and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion)

4-5-2017 2-35-03 AM (Custom)
Next up for a Philadelphia Eagles wedding is Jordan Hicks and his fiance Ivana Karyhn.
Then it’s Laura Buscher and Connor Barwin nuptials on NFL Draft Weekend.
Current football players don’t have a lot to do with the draft, I’ve been told, but as for some of the Eagles players I know that
former Eagles player Todd Herremans, current roster Brent Celek,  Malcolmn Jenkins , Rodney McLeod, Jr., and the Eagles Franchise are all having gigs around town.

4-5-2017 11-16-58 PM (Custom)

Earlier this week I wrote about the popped up out of no where Seventh Heaven Fresh Rolled Ice Cream, I said it looked close to
opening, and I was right it opened on Friday at Noon. I ran by on the frigid day and there wasn’t a line. That may not be the case this week with temps finally soaring. Seventh replaced ToBox Shoe Store, and did a great job building it out.

4-5-2017 11-17-50 PM (Custom)
It looks like Crisp Kitchen is nearly ready to open at 19th and Market. I checked out their menu from their Temple University eatery and it looks delicious with stir fry, salads and yogurt and teas.
I am sad it replaced my favor smoothie place Amazon Juice, which also had salads and sandwiches; and they also took over the former location of the very popular Oh So Good salad bar. Remember them. They were always getting high marks from locals.

4-6-2017 2-20-51 AM (Custom)

And then there’s Smart Street Healthy Kitchen & Juice Bar, opening at 38 S. 19th St. formerly Kaufman’s Deli and a branch of Famous 4th Street Deli, which you know served GIGANTIC sandwiches, with equally large prices. The ghost of eating passed with Crisp and Smart Street.

Smart Street Healthy Kitchen & Juice Bar – a rebranding ofJuice Healthy Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan – is coming to 38 S. 19th St.  Joey Taormina promises healthful food – wraps/panini, salads, and entrees with all of the food made in-house and most items grilled or baked. He said Smart Street will source produce and proteins from local farms in season and will seek quality all-natural, GMO-free, and organic items when possible. The menu looks delicious. EatSmartStreet

4-6-2017 2-32-27 PM (Custom)

Speaking of cold, Alex Holley, Mina Say What and I had a great time at the Phillies opening on Friday. Check out Metro Philly .com on Monday for photos
of the fun, and the fashion. Those Phillies fans are no slouches in the fashion department.

4-5-2017 9-35-57 AM (Custom)
Congrats to former CBS3’s Syma Zaremba and Andy Zaremba on the birth of their son Roman. Syma is now reporting the news in Detroit.


4-5-2017 11-20-45 PM (Custom)
The stage for the NFL Draft 2017 is coming along, and Billy Penn will not be getting cleaned in April. The date has been pushed back to May. Yeah for photographs of City Hall seen all over the world.

4-5-2017 11-18-13 PM (Custom)
It looks like Bart Blatstein’s dream house is nearly complete. It looks great and really blends in with the neighborhood.


Road Closures and Security Measures for NFL Draft April 26 – 29 – Annotated

The exciting NFL DRAFT IS at our doorstep, no really it’s at my doorstep and it’s a month away and I’m in awe of the road closures.


Here is a comprehensive list of ROAD CLOSINGS for the event that is to bring $86 million dollars to our coffers, and 200,000 fans who when not on the Parkway will be filling our restaurants, visiting our Liberty Bell and Historic Area, and shopping our fine stores. There’s also info on how you can get around as many of the roads are closed.  (All of these measures are being done in the name of Security, and the safety of our guests.)

I’m crossing my fingers that shuttle buses from 2601 Parkway and 2401 The Philadelphian can run in the shaded red area which is marked “local access” so residents can get to work and appointments during the road closure days.


Phase 1: Think about taking SEPTA, it really is a relaxing experience and good practice for the NFL Draft when you will have to take SEPTA
Here’s their website http://www.septa.org/

Start: 4/10/17 – 12:01am
End: 5/7/17 – 11:59pm

  • Spring Garden Street westbound will close at Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • The westbound center roadway of Benjamin Franklin Parkway will maintain two lanes from 20th Street to Eakins Oval.  The left lane of Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed from East Eakins Oval to Spring Garden St. and continue to southbound Kelly Drive, where it will open up to three travel lanes.
  • The right two lanes of Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum steps will be closed for the building of the theatre. (Traffic headaches are not as bad yet, as the closet lane to the Art Museum Steps is usually clogged with cars from tourists, so business as usual. Proceed with caution. Be on the look out for worker bees in the street though)
  • Southbound (They really should call this the INBOUND lane, cause really who knows what southbound is?) Kelly Drive will have a lane drop between 25th St. and Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Phase 2:
Start: 4/19/17 – 12:01am to 5/3/17

  • Inner or Center lanes (inbound and outbound) of Benjamin Franklin Parkway closed from Eakins Oval to 20th Street.

Fans of all teams can follow the Draft, enjoy interactive exhibits and autograph sessions with current and former players, and take pictures with the Vince Lombardi Trophy at Draft Town presented by Oikos Triple Zero, a massive, free outdoor fan festival.

Phase 3: ONE WEEK Monday Night til Monday 5AM
 Basically Don’t USE  THE PARKWAY TO COMMUTE INTO or OUT OF THE CITY AT ALL if you want to maintain your sanity- Take SEPTA to WORK

Start: 4/24/17 – 7:00pm
End: 5/1/17 – 5:00am

  • Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed from 20th Street to the Art Museum.


  • Martin Luther King Drive will remain open to 24th Street.


  • Eastbound Spring Garden Street will remain open from 31st Street to 24th Street.


  • Kelly Drive will be closed at Fairmount Avenue with traffic detoured onto Fairmount Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue. (TAKE SEPTA AS THIS IS A LOCAL ROAD, runs right in front of my house, and is narrow with lots of traffic backed up. You will be frustrated as hell. )

Starting at 7:00pm on Monday, April 24th, due to the closure of the outer lanes on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, traffic headed inbound (to Center City) from Spring Garden Street Bridge or Martin Luther King Drive must exit Eakins Oval on the 24th Street ramp.  Traffic headed inbound on Kelly Drive must exit Kelly Drive at Fairmount Avenue.  Those wishing to access the rear of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the north side must exit onto Fairmount Avenue, turn right on Pennsylvania Avenue and proceed SB on 25th Street onto Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive.


Phase 4 – Full Extent of Road Closures: (i.e. DON’T EVEN TRY DRIVING INTO TOWN FROM THE BURBS from this area, you will be stuck in traffic, screaming at the radio; Better Yet Take a vacation during these days and got see the NFL DRAFT – It’s Free and it’s in PHILLY!!)
Start: 4/25/17 – 12:01am
End: 5/1/17 – 5:00am

  • 21st Street closed from Winter Street to Spring Garden Street
    • Local access to Pennsylvania Avenue only (all traffic must turn left)


  • 22nd Street closed from Race Street to Spring Garden Street
    • Local access to Park Towne Place only (residents)


  • 23rd Street closed from Fairmount Avenue to Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    • Local access only


  • 24th Street closed from Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Park Towne Place
    • Local access only


  • Martin Luther King Drive closed at Sweet Briar Drive.
    • Road opened daily during peak AM rush hour on 4/27 & 4/28 (5AM-10AM) for access to I-676 via 24th Street


  • Kelly Drive closed from Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Fairmount Avenue


  • Spring Garden Street Bridge closed at 31st Street
    • Road opened daily during peak AM rush hour on 4/27 & 4/28 (5AM-10AM) for access to I-676 via 24th Street
    • Access to I-76 westbound will be maintained
    • Local access to Art Museum will be maintained


  • Spring Garden Street closed from 22nd Street to Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    • Local access after peak AM rush hour


  • Pennsylvania Avenue closed from Hamilton Street to Fairmount Avenue
    • Local access after peak AM rush hour


  • Pennsylvania Avenue/Callowhill Street closed from 20th Street to 21st Street
    • Local access to Barnes Foundation driveway (westbound) only
    • Eastbound open from 21st Street


  • Park Towne Place closed from 22nd Street to 24th Street
    • Local access only (residents)


  • I-676 westbound 22nd Street off-ramp closed


  • The following streets be designated “local access only” west of 22nd Street: (Let’s call them #OpenStreetsPHL and have a bike event along these streets.)
  • Wallace Street
  • Mt. Vernon Street
  • Green Street
  • Judson Street
  • Brandywine Street

No Parking (Honestly, the City should discount the PPA Parking Lots for my neighbors who have cars, like during snow storms. This is really an inconvenience. There are at least 8 apartment buildings this afffects)

–   No parking on 2400 Pennsylvania Avenue (south side angle parking only) from 4/5 to 5/8
–   Pennsylvania Avenue between 22nd Street & Fairmount Avenue (south side of street only)
–   Winter Street between 20th & 22nd Streets (both sides of street)
–   20th Street between Vine & Callowhill Streets (east side of street only)
–   21st Street between Benjamin Franklin Parkway & Race Street (both sides of street)
–   22nd Street between Winter & Spring Garden Streets (both sides of street)
–   Park Towne Place between 22nd & 24th Streets (both sides of street)

3-25-2017 10-44-35 AM (Custom)

Bicycle Lane Detours
During venue construction, a number of bicycle lanes along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Eakins Oval and in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be detoured.  Appropriate signage will be prominently displayed, and cyclists are advised to utilize marked detours.

Pedestrian Detours
During venue construction, a number of sidewalks and pathways along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Eakins Oval and in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be detoured.  Appropriate signage will be prominently displayed, and pedestrians are advised to utilize marked detours and avoid walking in the street.  The primary north-south pedestrian detours will be 22nd Street and Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive.

Here are some of the highlights of the NFL DRAFT:

The fan festival activities will be FREE and last for three days along a half-mile stretch of the Ben Franklin Parkway. This will include “interactive exhibits, immersive games, and virtual reality experiences, free player autograph sessions and more.”

Hours for the fan experience:

Thursday, April 27: 12 pm – 11 pm

Friday, April 28: 12 pm – 11 pm

Saturday, April 29: 10 am – 6 pm

I wrote alot about the activities on my blog last month HERE

Public Transportation and Parking
SEPTA is a convenient, affordable way for fans to get to and from the event grounds.  The PHLCVB has secured FREE parking at the sports stadium complex for NFL Draft Experience attendees. (Hmm free parking for the fans?) From the sports stadium complex, event-goers should utilize the Broad Street Subway at AT&T Station, located at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue.  Fares can be purchased onsite, and fans are encouraged to purchase their return fare prior to departing AT&T Station.

SEPTA service changes/alerts can be found at www.septa.org.

SEPTA Customer Service can be reached at 215-580-7800 and directly on Twitter @septa_social.  For more information on SEPTA and NJ Transit routes and schedules during the NFL Draft Experience, visit www.septa.org or call 215-580-7800, and www.njtransit.org or call 973-275-5555.

The PHLASH Downtown Loop will add service for Thursday, 4/27 for the NFL Draft Experience and will operate its April weekend schedule Friday, 4/28Sunday, 4/30. PHLASH runs 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and is an easy, inexpensive way to get around.  PHLASH will re-route due to street closures during the NFL Draft Experience and will communicate any detours at http://RidePhillyPHLASH.com.

If driving into Center City is necessary, commercial off-street parking lots and garages conveniently are located near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Contact individual facilities in advance for rates and availability, or visit the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s website at www.philapark.org for a list of parking options.  The NFL Draft Experience is not affiliated with these parking facilities.

Parkway Institutions
Most of the cultural institutions on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will maintain normal hours of operation and, in some cases, even extend schedules during the NFL Draft Experience. Visitors and residents are encouraged to visit.

During the NFL Draft Experience, the west entrance (otherwise known as the official entrance, not the side of the museum with the Rocky Steps, that’s the back entrance) of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be open and visitors may obtain access via pathways north and south of this entrance. Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive will be open at 25th Street, with access to the museum’s parking garage for museum visitors throughout the week.  The south entrance to Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive will remain accessible via the Spring Garden Street Bridge for museum visitors only.  Signage will be prominently displayed with directions.

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
1900 Ben Franklin Parkway, www.ansp.org, 215-299-1000
Regular operating hours: Thurs. April 27th and Fri. April 28th, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm; Sat. April 29th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

On April 27-29, the Academy will offer free general admission to the museum to all visitors. In addition, an $8 Super Saver Ticket will be available for the special exhibits. Visitors who wear an NFL jersey, get $1 off the Super Saver ticket. Their special exhibit is Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, featuring 15 species of live frogs (on view through May 14).

The Barnes Foundation
2025 Ben Franklin Parkway, www.barnesfoundation.org, 215-278-7200
Thurs., April 27th: CLOSED for special event (ie sounds like an exclusive party with celebrities. I’ll be hanging out there on the sidewalk.)
Fri., April 28th and Sat., April 29th, regular operating hours: 10am – 5pm

Eastern State Penitentiary
2027 Fairmount Ave, www.easternstate.org, 215-236-3300
The historic site will remain open with regular hours – 10 am to 5 pm daily.

The Franklin Institute
222 North 20th St., www.fi.edu, 215-448-1200
Hours: The Franklin Institute will be open to the public from 9:30am-5pm during NFL Draft days (April 27-29).

Parking: The Franklin Institute’s parking garage entrance is located at 21st and Winter Streets, street parking and public transportation are strongly encouraged.

Special Offer: The Franklin Institute is offering a $2 discount on adult general admission for adult visitors wearing NFL team gear during draft days (April 27-29). (Wear your Eagles Jersey days.)

Free Library of Philadelphia – Parkway Central
1901 Vine St., www.freelibrary.org, 215-686-5322
Parkway Central Library welcomes NFL fans to experience guided tours of their 90 year-old beaux arts building and its world-renowned Rare Book Department.

Moore College of Art and Design
20th Street and the Parkway, www.moore.edu
Philadelphia Museum of Art
www.philamuseum.org, 215-763-8100

Main Building
26th & Ben Franklin Parkway
Open: TuesdaySunday, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Wednesday and Friday open until 8:45 p.m.
Perelman Building
Fairmount and Pennsylvania Aves.
Open: TuesdaySunday, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Rodin Museum
22nd St. and Ben Franklin Parkway, www.rodinmuseum.org, 215-763-8100
Open: WednesdayMonday, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

This is truly a wonderful event to happen in Philadelphia. I’m excited it is here, and the Parkway is an amazing location to hold the NFL Draft. Living in the neighborhood that is affected by this amazing event, which is literally across the street from where I live, it would have been nice for my neighbors, especially the ones who have caregivers to know of the driving restrictions, people have to make arrangements, a few weeks notice is in adequate. With the Pope we had 3 months notice, and they had meetings with residents who live along the parkway even before they announced it to the press.

NFL Draft: Security Policy & Prohibited Items

For the safety of all fans, the following security measures will be in effect:

  • All fans and items (purses, small handbags, etc.) are subject to physical inspection by security personnel. Fans who do not agree to this search will not be allowed in the event.
  • No bags, purses, or backpacks larger than 16” x 14” x 12”
  • All weapons and firearms are prohibited within these premises including pepper spray and electronic stunning devices
  • No pets other than service animals
  • No bottles, cans, liquid containers, coolers (except for fans with medical / dietary needs)
  • No outside food or beverage
  • No video recorders except for credentialed media
  • No drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) of any kind
  • No missile-like objects
  • No hover boards or any other self-propelled devices
  • No smoking, lighters or e-cigarettes
  • No laser pointers
  • No artificial noisemakers
  • No poles or sticks of any kind, including selfie sticks
  • No object that may obstruct another fan’s view, including umbrellas over 4’ in diameter
  • No folding chairs, bikes, or other large personal items
  • No promotional items with commercial slogans or identification without written consent from the NFL
  • Any item deemed dangerous or inappropriate, in management’s sole discretion, will not be allowed at the NFL Draft and NFL Draft Experience
  • Confiscated items will be disposed of and not returned
  • Items left in vehicles should be stored out of sight



PhillyGossip: NFL Draft Details & The Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square Returns

PhillyGossip: NFL Draft Details – Run Against Your Favorite Player & Franklin Square Returns

Hey everyone hope you’re well. I’m still getting used to reality after my short vacation to Anguilla. Lots of fun Philly Gossip and Philly News You Can Use has happened over the past week. Let’s get started.


Tuesday was a busy day with press conferences and announcements. I went to the NFL Draft announcement at Phila Art Museum.
The Mayor will join NFL Senior Vice President of Events Peter O’Reilly and Co-Chair of the NFL Draft Host Committee and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski to unveil the details of the “NFL Draft Experience Presented by Oikos Triple Zero”, an expansive free admission outdoor football festival for fans and families.

The NFL Draft will be held in Philadelphia from April 27-29, with the NFL transforming part of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway into the NFL Draft Experience, a free (yes, free!) expansive outdoor football festival.

There will be a staging area where the draft will take place. It will be located on the Phila Art Museum Steps.
Ticketing info is still being finalized by the NFL and more details will be released in the coming weeks. While the NFL is handling the entire ticketing process for the NFL Draft, there will be some unique opportunities to take in the experience, like participating as a seat filler in the theatre and plaza area. Seat filler requests need to be submitted in advance and that can be done by visiting www.1iota.com. Additionally, information about parking will be communicated once details are finalized by the NFL. Keep an eye on PhiladelphiaEagles.com for all the latest NFL Draft information.



The NFL will transform part of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway into the NFL DRAFT EXPERIENCE PRESENTED BY DANNON OIKOS TRIPLE ZERO, a free, expansive outdoor football festival. Fans of all ages and all teams will be able to take part in the future of football through interactive exhibits, immersive games, virtual reality experiences, player autograph sessions and more.

One of the features on the Parkway will be the Combine Corner, which will allow fans to run the 40-yard dash and test their other athletic skills (above is a smaller version which is located inside The Franklin Institute where you run against Eagles Players), to an NFL Virtual Reality experience and NFL replica locker rooms. Plus, the NFL Draft Experience Tailgate will feature menu items from some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants. Other highlights include:

  • NFL Virtual Reality – Experience NFL games using virtual reality technology.
  • The Vince Lombardi Trophy – Fans will have the opportunity to take their photo with the Super Bowl trophy.
  • AFC & NFC Locker Rooms – Visit a replica NFL locker room as it appears on game day. Experience the sights of an NFL pregame with sleek translucent LCDs.
  • NFL Museum (Pro Football Hall of Fame display area) – This exhibit features historical Eagles memorabilia, Super Bowl rings and Conference Championship trophies. Fans can get a digital Pro Football Hall of Fame bronze bust in their likeness.
  • College Football Corner – Fans can view College Football Hall of Fame memorabilia from former first round Draft picks and Eagles legends, and cheer on Draft prospects from their favorite college team. Life-size player mannequins offer unique photo opportunities.
  • NFL Draft Experience Tailgate – Enjoy selections from some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants in a “taste of the town” tailgate.
  • NFL Network Set – Watch NFL Network analysts break down the NFL Draft.
  • ESPN Set – Check out SportsCenter live from NFL Draft Experience.
  • NFL Shop at Draft – Stop by for the largest assortment of NFL Draft merchandise, including customizable Nike Jerseys and the official 2017 NFL Draft Cap by New Era and other exclusive Draft caps.
  • NFL Draft Set – Visit the official NFL Draft set from Thursday to Saturday and see the view from behind the podium.
  • 3-2-2017 9-35-07 AM (Custom)

    • Thursday, April 27: Round 1 festivities, which will include incoming prospects walking the red carpet before entering an outdoor theater. More fans than ever before will be able to view the Commissioner announcing selections and greeting draftees during the first round with the NFL building the first ever outdoor Draft Theatre.
    • Friday, April 28: Thirty-two former players who are members of the NFL Legends Community, one representing each team, will be on hand for Night 2 to announce selections. Night 2 Draft (Rounds 2-3) announcements will also feature winners of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award presented by Nationwide.
    • Saturday, April 29: The Draft will conclude with Rounds 4-7 and the final day of the free fan festival.

      (Also what’s excited is by the time the NFL Draft comes along, it looks like both Civil War Monuments will be unveiled. Currently they’re boxed up as they are doing road construction there.)


On the other side of town

Greetings from a beautiful day in Franklin Square! Hard to believe but here we are, about to open for the 2017 season. Today, Historic Philadelphia, Inc. announced that the season opens tomorrow, and Franklin Square will be open daily through December 31. In addition, we are excited to tell you that the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square will return on May 9 for five weeks.


2-28-2017 2-53-16 PM (Custom)

They listened to the critics, and created a creative fence for park goers to enjoy the park during the day when it’s open to the public.

Amy Needle, President and CEO of Historic Philadelphia, Inc. said, “In 2016, Historic Philadelphia, Inc. could have never imagined that despite a rainy few weeks, 92,000 people from all walks of life came to experience the magic of the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square. We are looking forward to displaying all new creations in the Square this spring, and to embracing the historical and cultural immersion this brings to our region.”


John Chin, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, emphasized, “During the 2016 Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square, there was an uptick in Chinatown area restaurants and businesses that the community appreciated. For this coming season, the neighborhood businesses will be developing a series of promotions to complement the Festival and increase visitation to our unique corner of the city. Everyone in the area is thrilled to see the return of this Chinese cultural phenomenon.”

The Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square is produced by the Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. and its parent company, Sichuan Tianyu Cultural Communications, Ltd. in cooperation with Historic Philadelphia, Inc. Visitors can learn more here: historicphiladelphia.org/chineselanternfestival/.

2-28-2017 1-19-21 PM (Custom)

Come back on Sunday March 5 for the next edition of Philly Gossip and News You Can Use. We’ll have lots of engagements, weddings and baby announcements. Plus an up to date on what’s happening with the Untouchable Movie. Remember to follow me on Instagram PhillyChitChat and Twitter @HughE_Dillon for daily updates. Also search #PCCBuzz for great events and happenings you might be interested in doing and seeing in our area.
Have a great day.