The Buzz: Nicky Hilton, Joey McIntyre, Tiffany Dawson and Niecy Nash

Sorry I ran out of time to post the Philadelphia Theater Company entry today (But that will be tomorrow as it’s very timely), and I still have the Wall Ball and Brandywine Polo in the wings.

Tuesday The Buzz: Ladies man Mike Fazio is warming the hearts of cougar Kathy Hilton and when is she going to marry David Katzenberg Nicky Hilton who stopped by the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Saturday night.

Mike tells me “Nicky hosted the night and brought her mother Kathy unexpectedly. Kathy was the life of the party and looked great! She forced me to dance (I do see she has her arm wrapped around him) She even took a shoe off when dancing on stage! (Fazio who cares about the shoe, what did she do later in the night, will a sex tape be surfacing?) and… Nicky was an amazing host. The crowd loved to see wonderful mother daughter combo dance the night away. It was an Epic Saturday night at The Pool! :)”Congratulations to Alexis Small and Jon who got married Friday night at Union Trust. Someone tells me that Kourtney Kardashian attended a wedding this weekend in Philly, anyone know where that was?
Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block tweeted a picture of him doing the Rocky Run in through the Italian Market on Sunday before his show at the Wells Fargo Center.
Jordan Knight still gets the girls excited. Update: Opps his brother Jonathan is gay, not him. Thanks to my reader who kept me on my toes.
Dining at Table 31 last week was former owner Chef George Perrier, about with Chef/Owner Chris Scarduzio and owner Tamar OlitskyI was recently at Chef Perrier’s Main Line restaurant “Georges” and saw this shot of him earlier in his career.**************
Local fashionista’s Tiffany Dawson, CEO of Glam Luxe was able to get her beautiful custom made Swarovski Crystal shoes onto Niecy Nash‘s feet. Niecy loved them and wore them to her wedding May 31, to Jay Tucker. Now the wedding photos and shoes are making the rounds, as they should. Women are having shoegasums to get a hold of a pair of these beauties.Including Sherri Shepard, who Nicey gifted with a pair on The View last Friday last week, so Sherri could wear them to her upcoming wedding. Congrats Tiffany and company. Check out The View segment Here*******************

Friday is Raheem Brocks 5th Annual Charity Weekend go to No doubt some folks, I would be singing “I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat) I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat) Everybody look at mecause I’m sailing on a boat (sailing on a boat)” as Saturday nights party is gonna be sailing on the Spirit of Philadelphia. Hosted by Raheem Brock R&B Songstress Olivia and Kendra G. of Philly 100.3.