The Best Fourth of July Fashion on the Parkway July 4th

Happy day after Fourth of July. I’m so beat, as you probably are as well. If you’re not there’s always SIPS tonight. Thank you City of Philadelphia, Jeff Guaracino and his team from Wawa Welcome America, Melanie Sole, Cashman & Associates, as well as Philly’s Special Events office for planning and excuting an amazing event, with a lot of consideration on the set up of the Parkway. I’ve lived on the Parkway for years, and this was the best set up, and viewing of stage and fireworks ever. I felt safe, yet not trapped or burdened by blockage. The security guards were well trained, and very nice. After the rain some of the people in the front VIP section left, and the security allowed the folks in the back to move into those sections.  It was a great time despite mother nature’s dampness. Every year I like to run a column of fashion standouts. This year more than ever, did people dress up in their Red, White & Blue. Let’s see some of my favorites….

HD1_2215 (Custom)

Thank you to all volunteers. Here are two from the Red Cross. HD1_2236 (Custom)

Not R/W/B but the best sunblockFourth
Awesome, and on a mission

HD1_2246 (Custom)

PerfectHD1_2248 (Custom)
Love her hatFourth
Can’t go wrong with those socks

HD1_2389 (Custom)

OK not in r/w/b at all, but she’s straight up Paula Abdul and she posed for me in the Visit Philly tent.

HD1_2210 (Custom)
Not in red/white/blue but a stellar dresser

I ran into this family a couple of times yesterday, they were dressed perfectly for family day. They told me their sons even had a football
catch with the police officers nearby.


HD1_2281 (Custom)

Robin Younger, Meryl Levitz, Visit Philly (Thanks for the hospitably last night) and Patty Jackson, the legend from WDAS

Monica Lewis, I love this dress. HD1_2299 (Custom)

Poor Hugo it was so hot yesterday,
but his steaks are delicious at Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House at SugarHouse – I just ate there last weekHD1_2411 (Custom)


Even in the pouring rain she was a standout


I see those glitter glasses Mary J Blige


We have a winner. This is the outfit of the day.
Happy 5th of July