Pocono Organics Hosts Food Forever Experience

Last weekend I headed to the Pocono’s to attend Pocono Organics Food Experience with notable chefs from the area, NYC and Philadelphia.
Pocono Organics is one of the largest regenerative organic farms in North America. Ashley Walsh, the farm’s founder, was diagnosed with gastroenteritis in her early 20s. Doctors encouraged aggressive treatments such as using medications, feeding tubes and even cutting out parts of her stomach. Those weren’t options she was willing to accept and instead began treating herself by adopting an organic diet. The results of using food as medicine were undeniable but she had a problem accessing the organic foods she needed. That’s when the vision for Pocono Organics came to life.

Pocono Organics has a 30,000-square-foot facility where they package and process all the food. They have a farmers market that is open all year round. Every day of the year, people can come in and get produce, all through the winter and have a local source where they can get nice, organic, fresh produce.

Hosted by the Food Forever Initiative in partnership with Pocono Organics, Rodale Institute, and the Crop Trust, the Experience was the first of its kind, and streamed digital content from around the world, including from the farm at Pocono Organics, to the fields of the Rodale Institute, to genebanks, to chefs’ kitchens and many places in between. During the event several notable speakers including Birgit Cameron, Global Director, Patagonia Provisions, Cierra Martin, Communications Consultant, Crop Trust, at The Food Forever Experience Pocono talked about the importance of soil health for regenerative agriculture, as well as the awareness of the importance of crop diversity and its connection to healthy soils and resilient, sustainable agricultural systems. Notable restaurant owner, entrepreneur Judy Wicks spoke about doing good by doing well: re-visioning food systems for people, planet and profit.

Oneal Latimer, Christa Barfield and Deborah Stallworth
Erik Oberholtzer, Chef and Co-founder – Tender Greens, Ori Zohar, Burlap and Barrel, Yuval Zohar, Burlap and Barrel and Ethan Frisch, Burlap & Barrel
Ashley Walsh, Cierra Martin, Leesa Kennedy and Looie Mattioli
Ange Branca, Sate Kampar and Eli Kulp, High Street Hospitality

Torrie Bordes and Caroline Hearn of Cohere creative who produced the event.

The Food Forever Experience mission is to plant the seed for a better future. I learned how important it was to support local farmers, especially farm markets the ones you drive to as well as the ones which pop up in your neighborhood. Supporting local supports our local economy and the community. If you are in the Pocono area, especially this month of great leaf peeping, stop by Pocono Organics and check out their farm store.