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Scene: CFEVA Postcard Sale, Next CFEVA Artist Open Studio Tours Next Week

On Thursday, September 22nd, 5-8 PM at Gross McLeaf Gallery I attended the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) secret postcard sale fundraiser; a clever fundraiser for the local arts center where art patrons buy postcards depicting art. The image is painted, or printed on the postcard. Each were like little treasures.. I’m going to post what they have on their website which explains the sale much better than I can.

This POSTcard-sized, original art sale offers more than 150 original and unique works, all created by artists in our CFEVA network, and created on a 4 x 6-inch “card”. Those who buy a ticket in advance have the chance to select one or more of these cards, either at our Cocktail and Card Selection party, on September 22, 5-8 PM at Gross McCleaf Gallery, or through our online selection opportunity! This is an incredible way to add affordable pieces to your personal art collection.

No matter how you play, the time that you buy your ticket (in advance) will determine the time you can enter the POSTcard selection room at the Gallery on the 22nd, or if you are playing from afar, when your card is selected for you online from the many displayed at the event that evening. The “secret” part? The cards will be offered without attribution to the artist. You will get a sneak peek to make your list of possibilities.

At the gallery, according to your time slot, choose the card you like! Once the selection has been made, the artist who made your card will be revealed! Each card is valued at at least $100 and many are valued at much more, so you will “walk away” with something amazing for your collection or to give as a gift!

Amanda Phillips, Executive Director, Development & Operations,
Center for Emerging Visual Artists(CFEVA) and Rebecca Segall, owner and Director of Gross McCleaf Gallery

There was a nice reception in an adjoining gallery for those waiting to get into the postcard sale, or to enjoy after previewing the artwork.

Guests would pick out their purchase, and the curators would put a blue dot on the piece. After the “show” was over at 7PM, art aficionados could pick up their art work.

CFEVA Instagram Post

Next up for CFEVA, note here Save The Date, this is going to be a lot of fun!!

We’re ready for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. Are you?!

Over 250 artists and partners CITY-WIDE are NOW on the map to open their doors to art-loving visitors, this October 15/16, 22/23, noon-6pm all 4 days. Want a map and guidebook? We got ‘em!

What’s POST? A two-weekend-long, artist-driven event provides behind-the-scenes access to Philadelphia’s creative spaces. Philly residents and tourists can all experience how art is being created right here, right now. As they explore the spaces and places marked on our online and interactive map, they will be delighted and even surprised to find who is creating on YOUR street, in your neighborhood, contributing to the energy and sustainability of your city streets.

Need more details? Head over to our website, for our interactive map + directory of participating artists and partners.