5 Reasons Registered Trademarks Are Important to Your Philadelphia Based Business

Trademarking your business might be a good idea. I’m sure many of you entrepreneurs have ideas running in your head right now about new business, ideas etc for the future. You might want to protect your business and trademark it. The Gerben law firm recently pitched this article to me, and although we are still in Covid19 pandemic, it might be ideal to trademark your business so you can hit the ground running when the time is right.

Trademarks Protect Against Infringement
Because maintaining control of your brand is essential to your future success, protection against infringement is just as important. One costly mistake some business owners make is using a trademark in the marketplace without conducting a comprehensive trademark search or registering with the USPTO. These business owners, in Philly and across the country, might unknowingly be infringing on another brand’s mark, which could result in a loss of time and money to rebrand the business, or even costly legal fees. The United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, will only approve your trademark registration if a confusingly similar mark isn’t already in use. Obtaining trademark registration, then, ensures that you will not be infringing on another business’s mark.

Having a registered trademark will also deter other businesses from infringing on your mark. The date you submit your application to the USPTO will become your priority date. Anyone looking to file a
confusingly similar trademark registration after this date will not be able to use it. You’ll also have the important right to take legal action against anyone that may infringe on your mark, either knowingly or
unknowingly. This will help ensure that your brand, and its reputation, will remain in your control. For a full breakdown of the trademark registration process for Philly businesses, click here.

Trademarks Help Establish Your Brand
Your business relies on its customers. Whether you primarily serve the residents of your Philly neighborhood or your retail site boasts nationwide sales, the success of your business is directly tied to the number of customers you have. A strong trademark is an essential part of creating customer loyalty and developing brand recognition. With trademark ownership, your customers will never be confused by a similar trademark from another brand. You’ll be able to grow your product line and expand your business with the support of your loyal customer base.

Trademarks Help Customers Find You
The Philadelphia business market can be quite competitive. With so many consumers using Google or social media to find goods and services these days, it can be challenging for your business to stand out in
a very crowded field. Someone looking for a salon in Chestnut Hill, for instance, might find dozens of options online. Having a registered trademark can make it easier to stand out, though. A strong
trademark will be memorable, allowing potential customers to notice you initially and helping returning customers find you on social media or other online platforms again and again.

Trademarks Allow You to Expand Outside Philadelphia
The United States is a first-to-use country, which means that you will have some rights to your trademark the moment you use it in the marketplace. However, these rights are extremely limited.

First, they will only protect your mark in the Philly area. This might be sufficient for some small businesses, but for anyone looking to sell goods online, or for those Philadelphia-based businesses that plan to expand outside the region at some point, an unregistered trademark could pose future problems. You’ll also have a harder time asserting your trademark rights if your mark is not registered with the USPTO. In order to have the presumption of nationwide validity, you’ll need to register your trademark with the USPTO.

Trademarks are Valuable Assets
As a business owner, you’ve no doubt made many purchases to get your Philly-based business running, from stocking up on inventory to building out your workspace. Those are certainly necessary purchases, but their value probably won’t appreciate over time. A registered trademark, on the other hand, will actually increase in value over time. This means, as your business grows, so will the value of your trademark. It can also be sold along with the business, just like any other asset. In fact, most buyers and investors will require that your trademark be registered before purchasing or investing in the
business as well.

Trademark Registration for Philly Businesses
Whether you’re just starting to develop your product or you’re expanding your business, now is the time to consider trademark registration for your Philadelphia business. A strong trademark will protect your business from infringement and the legal costs associated with it. Your trademark will help to establish your brand and make it easier for customers to find you, as well. A registered trademark will protect you as you reach customers across the United States, not just the Philadelphia region. It will also increase in value along with your business and is often a requirement for selling the business later on.

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