The iconic Philadelphia Inquirer Building stands vacant now, but if Bart Blatstein has his way he’s going to build a casino resort that will be worthy of such an iconic building

and create another century of stories to tell. The proposed $700 million luxury resort and casino on North Broad Street, Philadelphia. ; 50,000 combined square-feet of meeting and event space; and two indoor parking garages.  The Casino at The Provence comprises less than 20% of the complex’s total scope.  

Today architect Paul Steelman, who is based in Las Vegas, Nevada
and Macau and is notable for designing casinos and entertainment venues around the world, as well as embracing environmental elements and incorporating them into a structure.

The newsroom floor would be the new casino floor. The windows will remain to let natural light in, smoking would be regulated according to state law,

 the room will be exciting with a 120,000 square-foot, high-quality casino featuring 3,300 electronic gaming machines (slots and automated table games),

The main entrance to the casino will be from the 15th Street Side, as the expressway will empty out at it’s door step.

 The casino and resort entrances will be on the south and west sides of the building (Callowhill and 15th Streets), but you don’t have to go through the casino to get to the 120,000 square-foot, family-oriented rooftop village, an French influenced square

plus a 75,000 square-foot concert hall; eight restaurants; a private swim club with two pools; a 9,000 square-foot nightclub;  60,000 square feet of upscale shops; a 20,000 square-foot Spa & Fitness Center; (the tower will be removed and the communal square will be built out on a flat surface)

 The family-oriented rooftop village will include many of the charming elements that you would find in France, and in Philadelphia. 

City Hall’s architectural style is French 2nd Empire, and we honor the ChampsElysees avenue in Paris with our own Ben Franklin Parkway.

  The entrance and exit ramps for Rt676 would be reconfigured and a gorgeous seasonal park would be created. Each new season would be reflective in plantings and decorations. Christmas time would celebrate the old John Wanamaker’s tradition with festive lights.


 The hallmarks of the 1.25 million square-foot Provence resort and casino complex include a 125-room hotel housed in the landmark tower of the former Inquirer building, which will have an entrance on Broad Street.  Blatstein plans to keep the facade the same which fits into the historic North Broad Street architectural style. He plans to assist in maintaining the historic street-scape all the way up to Temple University.

  The 125 room hotel will keep many of the historic elements that the Inquirer building housed, like these beautiful cast iron staircases

 A few of the press people who were on the tour today
In Walter Annenberg’s original office,

the terrace doors. This will now be one of the opulent suites in the hotel.  
The hotel will also have a coffee shop, which they are kicking around calling “Ink”, and a bar called “Scandal.”

The former State Building in the background, which is now owned and operated by Tower Investments as an apartment complex and is called The Tower Place apartments .

The Blatstein organization’s biggest stress of the day was that this was a great fit for Philadelphia, especially North Broad. The focus was on the resort part of the complex, with only about 20% of the space being the casino, it’s a place you can take the family shopping, relaxing, sit by the pool, see a show. It’s a destination and adds value to the City. This week all the casino’s present their plans for their casino’s and I look forward to hearing what the others have to offer.

Tower Investments, Inc.
(“Tower”), led by Principal Bart Blatstein, is a leading developer of
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