Art Museum Target is Now Open Here’s A Preview

Art Museum Target is Now Open Here’s A Preview

A few weeks ago I stopped by the new Target located at 20th and Callowhill and chatted with the manager. She invited me to the soft opening, which occurred last night, but I was already booked. I swung by just before closing and took a few photos. During my chat with her I complained about the quality of merchandise at the Target’s that had already opened in Center City. The clothing was not the same high quality that you would find at a full size Target, and the stores didn’t sell picture frames. She assured me that this Target was more on target with the stores you’d find in the burbs, rather than the downtown smaller stores. Let’s see if she’s right.

The entrance and exit is on the left. The doors in the center, that’s the Fire Exit.

There was a nice size clothing section for men, women and children. I couldn’t find my size which is xxxl, which they carry in a real Target. They have dressing rooms which is great.


Prices were  very reasonable starting at $7 for a graphic shirt to $29 for an outfit,

The mini Target is in the old Whole Foods Market location 2001 Pennsylvania Ave. Wednesday morning and has about 30ks feet of shopping space. A full size target like the one on City Ave is about 130,ooo feet. The ones in Center City are less than 30ks feet. Target

I love that they have Target Mobile and Order Pickup, the service that allows shoppers to order items online and retrieve them in-store.
They have an electronics department, which is great for the neighborhood.


Conveniently there’s a CVS Pharmacy inside of Target. If you want the full CVS experience go a block over to the Whole Foods complex and visit CVS there. They have a magazine rack which I didn’t see at Target. I did see a small shelf of books.

Target is a great mini grocery store.

Hurry they forgot to add the soda tax an associate told me. They plan to do it today or tomorrow. Target
I buy soup, this is a good dealTarget
I buy this at Wegman’s, this is a good deal. TargetAvacado’s were on sale, 4 for $4Target Target
About a $.50 cheaper than Whole FoodsTarget
They sell milk & eggs as well. Plus cereal, pasta, just about anything you can think of that is convenient grocery shopping. There’s not a butcher or a lunch meat counter.TargetA  little less expensive than Whole Foods


Please do not by this bag, unless you live in a no pet building and you want to pet something
Yeah picture frames, but what heck on the left
If you want Starbucks while shopping, this kiosk is perfect, otherwise go across the street for the full experience which includes sitting and more lemon bar choices Target

There are a few full service check out countersTargetBut more self service check out counters

$5.99 for that huge pumpkin is a bargain.

Target Art Museum is a convenient store for the value shopper, and a welcomed addition to the neighborhood for a quick gift pick up and better grocery selection than the Wawa a block away, but it’s not for the fashion conscious wearing consumer.

Free parking to boot.
The hours are great too Weekdays 7am to 10PM
Saturday 7am to 11PM
Sundays 8am to 10PM

Check out Suzette Parmley’s column in for a more in depth business discussion on the new Target, and future Target’s coming to Philly.