The Umbrella Man at the Prince Theater is GONE for GOOD!!

Back in December Dan McQuade tweeted that the Umbrella Man “Allow Me” was missing from in front of the Prince Theater

where it resided for nearly 10 years.  I’ve wondered what happened to it, and by chance ran into someone that is connected with the new Prince Theater and asked them.
Created by J. Seward Johnson, it stood at 17th and Locust before it was donated to the Prince theater by Joseph Shine (according to the Philly Weekly in 2005). After years of financial problems the theater was put up for sale, but to pay off debts a lot of the theater was sold off to pay bills. My source tells me that since the Umbrella Man was donated to the Prince Theater owners, they had the right to sell it and they did. I hear they sold the $120,000 work of art for a mere $25,000.
Let us weep now.

There are other umbrella men in the world and here’s a story about them. (The 2nd pix is from this site)