PHILADELPHIA RACE STREET FIREHOUSE MEETS ITS DEMISE re: but more than just memories remain

It was a charmer, on the list of the National Register, and many people love it. There was a campaign to save it, but to no avail. But the officials said it had to be razed in the name of progress for the convention center. One by one the buildings fell on the site (May 2008)
May 2008 And the Race Street Firehouse stood firm (June 2008)

week after week; I thought to myself maybe it had a reprieve. Although it was around this time that I took a walk to the firehouse and saw that all the ornaments were removed. Eventually this space was completely cleared of depris and the firehouse stood firm, and I realize now that I would check out the window for progress reports, but didn’t photograph it like I should have. But it was only a matter of time (July 2008)
before this would happen (monday 7/21/08)
and it was sad to see it go, another piece of Philadelphia history lost to “progress”. I was wondering why they couldn’t at least leave the facade like that had done to several other buildings in the City.But maybe all is not lost as it seems they left the tower. Could this be true, are they going to leave the Race Street Fire House fire tower? (I took this shot yesterday)