Will there really be a Real Housewives of Philly?

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Over the past few weeks the lovely ladies of Philadelphia have been telling me that “The Real Housewives” franchise has been contacting them to see if they would audition for the show. This has happened several times before and nothing came to fruition, but this time there might be something to it as I would discover.

It turns out that the maybe the Philadelphia franchise won’t be a real housewives project per se, more of a women in business reality TV. So if you’re self employed, independently wealthy, making things happen, just getting started and willing to put your life on display, this is your show.
I have a little advice for the ladies….(some of whom have been asked, some haven’t, some I’ve left off as they just can’t do it cause there’s no deleting a gotcha statement on TV.)

Being fairly wealthy or having a sugar daddy (I’m looking at you so many housewives but Nene comes to mind) might help, you have to go to all those parties and wear so many outfits.
Maria Papadakis and Sabrina Tamburino are two of the young Real Housewives always mentioned when these show’s come to town. Neither one are going to do it, but should. I remember going to NYC to pick out a dress for Maria and she could have been on that dress show hot or not or something like that, but she was not willing to have a public disagreement with her mom or friends for TV.
 It’s not a good idea to take loans out to pretend your rich, or skip on paying your taxes like say the alleged charges against Teresa Giudice, but after she gets out of jail she can reinvent her life. (I took this shot at a wedding expo last year of all places.) 
Gogo Morrow is perfect for the show – she’s on the brink of stardom and this will get her over the hill quicker than say Danity Kane.

Flair: Sarah Doheny, YUBr , she knows a thing about reality tv after working with Bam Margera on his wedding for MTV.

Maybe your a beautiful model, spokesperson like Kharisma McIlwaine.

Jill Rizen, stylish, confident and says what’s on her mind in the nicest way.
Erin Elmore, lives in a penthouse overlooking the square and her son’s name is Royce. She’s a QVC personality, and she was on Donald Trump’s Apprentice show. Her friends are the socialites of Rittenhouse Square. I’d have to add Kristin Foote (r) as a potential castmate. She’s in real estate with an office on Rittenhouse Square. She knows where the skeleton’s are buried. She holds court at Rouge.

 Susan Helfich, she runs celebrity cruises, no really with celebrities. She also goes to Sundance and Cannes film festivals.
 Amber G. stylish, hot husband, married in Newport RI and sweet with an iron fist successful.

 Christie Honigman, The Honigman Group. Successful, beautiful, well connected and tough as nails. “Don’t Mess With Me Fellas.”

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson,C.A.I.D Foundation and Jen Groover, entrepeneur. These two are succeeding in a man’s world. They played to win, you’ll never see them sweat.

PHILLY’S FORMER “Mob Wives” star, Alicia DiMichele, owns two clothing stores and runs in a colorful crowd – here she is with  Natalie Merlino. I’d like to see her back on TV with her take no prisoners attitude, and popular personality. She has a lot of engagement with her fans.
Dana Spain, founder of the Pennsylvania Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Recently she’s been delving into real estate as a developer. She’s a no nonsense, straight to the point lady, reasonable but pulls no punches. We’d learn a lot about life and business from her.

Tim Adams, co owner of Penn 6 (r), everyone needs a gay best friend and he’s hysterical.

Atlanta born Amber Hikes, founder of Philly’s Stimulus parties, the hot monthly lesbian soirees. She’s also chair of the William Way Center‘s resource development committee, a member of the Philly Dyke March planning committee, and in 2013 was honored after being named grand marshall of Philly’s Pride parade.

Beth Shak (L): We’d finally get a chance to check out those shoes worth a million bucks.
Everyone in this photo. I’ve been to parties where men fight over each of these girls and chairs have gone flying and it wasn’t even Mercury Retrograde. Kim Perri, Megan Heaton and Lindsay Furman and Allison LaValla


Kathryn Roberson (r), business women, well connected, and able to handle any nitpicking nit wit.
Jamie Reibenbach (L) – Her FB Page yesterday:
Rosh Hashanah Dinner part deux…. ‪#‎jelloshots‬ ‪#‎yummy‬ ‪#‎reibenbachsinthecity‬ ‪#‎jewishnewyear‬ ‪#‎tofulltomove‬ ‪#‎shanatova‬ ‪#‎muchneededstomachpump‬
and who doesn’t love her 
#‎jamieism‬ Everyone can’t go where you’re going in life. As you mature, change comes. As you make changes some friendships will come to an end……

Oh wait there’s Erin Elmore (r) again, have these two ever had a cat fight?

Reality Show alumni Dom Streater  the winner of Project Runway season 12, she’s making her way up the velvet ladder. She just presented at NYFW Spring 2015, and is working on her Fall 2015. She’s a chameleon, every time I see her it’s a different look, personality, she’s finding her way. She’d be perfect for a reality show, maybe one of her own too.
I hear Will Smith’s sister Ellen Smith, (c) and Terri Matthews, Jaden’s Voice (r) might be on this show. Here the two women are at Nicole Miller’s XIX Most Fashionable Women. If you click on the title it will take you to the column on Philly Mag where you will find another women who will be on the show. The first person to guess right in the comments I will give you a pair of tickets to Mike Jerrick’s Ya Gotta Try this event on October 2.