My New Reality, Glass Celebs, Mama’s Ball Brick&Mortar

Hello Monday, great to see you. I hope everyone had a great weekend, making memories and sharing fun times with friends and family. I’m not always good at making room for others in my life; I like my creature comforts at home, my computer, keeping busy with work. I feel like I’ve had an epiphany and I hope to change some things. Reality

For the past 3 weeks I haven’t felt well. I haven’t been eating right, I had gone back to drinking diet coke, and I over booked myself and my photographers. I was working day and night to produce columns for media outlets, and business is booming. During this time I had Bronchitis, I took a few days off shooting (Thankfully I have a team now), but I continued to work at my desk. I tend to work for hours before I take a break. Both my legs hurt last week as I had shot an event which required me to climb 4 flights of stairs, which is never fun after Bronchitis; I kinda noticed one of my calves was sore, but I thought it’s Charley horse, I get them all the time. Thursday morning I noticed my leg was swollen 3 times my other leg but I had a job that evening and I needed to shoot it. (I did skip seeing the new Fitler Club & a party at Bart Blatstein, but more on that later) so Friday I headed to Jefferson Urgent Care, I probably should have made a Dr’s appt, but I wanted to go to the opening of the Rothman Rink to support my friends at CCD, plus I wanted to see the tree, Love Park and the garden. (Photos will be published later today) BOOM diagnosed with a blood clot in my leg, headed to ER and got great care from the Jefferson team. My worst fear was getting a DVT,  as I’ve known several people who have died of them over the years, someone prominent in the community this year died, and everyone’s favorite reporter David Bloom back in 2003. It was, and is an emotional time bomb and will be for a bit until the blood clot falls apart. I’m drinking a lot of water, which helps, and am now on blood thinners, which is a whole other mess. Thanks to my photogs who jumped into action and covered events I was scheduled for.  I’m grateful to be here. Take aways: Move often, and drink water. Just like they tell you when you fly. I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was, until I got my IV drip, and got hydrated. No more diet soda, and I’ll be cutting back on the iced tea.

Franco Harris a former American football fullback who played professionally in the National Football League for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks stopped by for dinner at D’Angelo’s over the weekend.

Former White House communications director and senior adviser Anthony Scaramucci fielded questions from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia on Thursday. Afterward he headed to developer Bart Blatstein‘s new home on Rittenhouse Square for a cocktail party and no doubt a tour of his new house with tennis court in the basement.

#MNightShyamalan #Glass is still filming in Allentown with Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. Friday nite Willis headed home to just outside Manhattan,while Samuel Jackson checked out performance of Cirque du Soleil’s VAREKAI! in Allentown. Next week VAREKAI is @LiacourasCenter  (Photo credit: Lisa Boehm)

Friday night actor/heartthrob James McAvoy had dinner @Brigantessa_EPA w/love Lisa L. Saturday night they headed out to Fishtown Tavern for a few hours of fun. McAvoy, a gentleman as always posed with a few fans included the young lady above who told him she spent a lot of time looking at his bare a$$ in a favorite movie

Congrats to Mama’s Ball. Who announced today:
BALLERS!!!! This is happening Mama will be opening up her first store. We will keep you posted on when the fun begins.

I ran into them last week and they had told me, it was as I said earlier, just one of those weeks that I couldn’t catch up to myself. Look for Mama’s Balls to open in January.
Celebrity Riders can be ridiculous. They range from John Legend’s recent request at Philly Fights Cancer of 2 bottles of water, to Madonna’s requests of lilies and light pink or white roses cut to precisely 6 inches to Dan Rather’s visit last week at the Phila Library where he asked for Frito’s Corn Chips, Coke, Diet Dr Pepper, Water, and Organic Milk.
Tomorrow I’m going to start a new column, called Tuesday To Do. I get so many pitches for events, and plan to pick out the most interesting for you to attend, plus events a PhillyChitChat photographer will be shooting. Often after I publish photos from such events people tell me they wish they knew beforehand. Hopefully this will help.