RIP: Dr. Joy Browne – Our Friend

Acclaimed syndicated radio host and clinical psychologist Dr. Joy Browne – named by Talkers Magazine as one of the “25 greatest radio talk show hosts of all time” has died, and Mike and I are mourning. Dr. Joy gave us the tools that were instrumental in helping sustain our relationship in the early years, as well as today. She also helped us in ordinary day to day living when we were stuck on a problem whether it was work, or family issues. We started listening to her in 1995, and it continued until her untimely death August 27, at age 71. Her sister said she was chatting with Dr. Joy about movies, munches and life. Her sister stopped talking, and the phone went dead.  Nearly 10 years ago Mike and I ran into Dr Joy in Times Square. I was still living there, working on a lawsuit which was heading for trial. Mike was up for a weekend visit.


I had a blog back then too, it was the beginning of my “celebrity photographing” career as well. I chronicled my life as a paparazzi and my blog was called Confessions of a Paparazzi.

This is what I wrote on 11/28/06

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dr Joy Browne gives good Advice

She’s awesome, she’s helpful, she’s hip, but most importantly she’s not Dr Laura or even Dr Laura light. She can help you if you have a question or need guidance in any life situation by giving good common sense advice. Since arriving in NYC in Aug 2005, I have searched the streets, and events painlessly for a glimpse of the good Dr. never reaching my goal of meeting her. Then a few weeks back, Mike and I were on our way to see “Grey Gardens”. As we rushed through the streets of Times Square, lo and behold there was our girl rushing in the other direction to attend the theater too I assume. I instinctively yelled out. Dr Joy Browne, and she turned. I ran up and profusely thanked her for making our relationship much easier, especially her tips on “setting fines for leaving cabinets and drawers opened, and dishes in the sink” (After paying diligently for months, I was cured of leaving dishes in the sink, but Mike now owes me millions of dollars). I told her that Mike calls her every once in awhile, he chimed in that he just called her last week about a work situation. She smiled and thanked us, and as she was about to rush to her show, I said “Could we have a picture”, at which point I spun her and my life-partner, Mike around and said “the background is nicer this way.”

She left us a comment that I had forgotten about til now:

you guys are so cute; had i known the pix would be posted, i might have slapped on some gloss and finger combed my hair…thanks for the kind words, best to y’all and loading the dishwasher occasionally, that’s not a Freudian comment, thank you very much, may actually cause some nice bedroom action. teehee.

Smoochies, dr. joy browne

11/29/2006 11:37 AM


GCN to Continue Providing Affiliates with Dr. Joy Browne Show Until Replacement is Set – Special Series of Tribute Shows Begins this Friday (9/9).   Because of the “timeless” nature of most of her shows, Genesis Communications Network (GCN) has announced that it will continue providing the large roster of the late Dr. Joy Browne’s affiliates with re-runs and “best of” programs from the iconic talk show host’s extensive archives for the next two weeks, punctuated by a series of three live “tribute” shows.  The tribute shows will begcn logo hosted and organized by her close friend, TALKERS founder Michael Harrison. The Dr. Joy Browne program airs weekdays between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm ET.  The special tribute shows will run live on Friday, September 9 through Tuesday, September 13 presenting a combination of radio industry guests and listener calls discussing the life, career and work of the legendary broadcaster.  Between Wednesday, September 14 and Friday, September 16, GCN will provide the affiliates with more archival Dr. Joy Browne content.  After that, beginning Monday, September 19, the time slot will indefinitely be hosted live by Michael Harrison until a permanent replacement is named.  Upon agreeing to keep the seat warm, Harrison states, “It is an honor to serve as interim host of Joy’s program.  I deeply believe in her mission and the importance of keeping generalist, non-specifically political talk programming alive within the context of ‘news/talk’ during the daytime hours.  I will do my best to provide her wonderful affiliates and audience with a meaningful listening experience within that time-honored radio tradition.”  Harrison says he has cleared his schedule during that time slot for at least the rest of 2016 but will step out during that time frame if and when “a permanent replacement is named.”  Simultaneously, GCN will be continuing to offer Dr. Joy Browne’s radio show, podcasts and archives to radio stations and listeners worldwide on a separate channel.

Current Dr Joy Podcasts. I’m so glad they’re going to archive them here, as her advice is timeless.