‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is actually filming in Philadelphia this week

‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is actually filming in Philadelphia this week, it’s 12th season; Plus let’s see what the gangs been up to since they arrived Sunday night.

Today Onlocation Vacation tells us the IASIP set is

TV Series: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Stars: Danny DeVito
Location: Front St and Market st, Philadelphia

Neither Danny or Kaitlin are in scenes today.


T he 8th annual CORA for KIDS Golf Classic was held in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania on Monday.  Cora Services is located in NE Philly. CORA Services is a private, educational, community based, nonprofit, multi-funded agency offering professional human services to children, youth, and their family. This year’s event was chaired by Rob McElhenney, creator and writer of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Rob, along with the entire show cast, will join us for the full day of festivities. Glenn Howerton,  Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, Sister Mary Julius , Kaitlin Olsen (who also voices the whale ‘Destiny’ in Pixar’s new film “Finding Dory,”) and show creator, Philly native and St. Joe’s Prep alumnus Rob McElhenney with Anne Marie Schultz, who is the CEO of Cora Services


Rob McElhenney has a long association with Cora Services through his dad, Bob McElhenney , who had worked at the educational, community based, organization for 40 years. Rob was even a camp counseler at the summer camp when he was in his teens. Yes that’s a photo of him with some of the kids.


This was the 8th Annual Cora Golf outing, but by far the most popular with 5 times as many golfers signing up to participate. Thanks to all the volunteers that were on hand to make the event run as smooth as possible. The It’s Always in Sunny gang were amazingly generous with their time and posed for photos whenever asked, chatted up a storm with everyone.


Danny Devito kept them in stitches. Danny flew in just for the day to do the event, then it was back to NYC for the rest of the week til filming today, he told me.



After a morning of meet and greets, photos and breakfast we headed out to the greens. I’m not a golfer, I had no idea this would be a serious all day event. They were out there for 5 hours. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of sponsored spots to grab a bite or drink, AND Erin the Intern from WMMR was zipping me around in a golf cart for most of the day, so it went by fairly quick. I also got quite a few shots.


WMMR was the media sponsor and had Rob on earlier in the day to chat about the golf outing, then they went out and golfed too. Here’s Charlie Day with Preston Elliot and Casey Boy

DSC_3276 (Custom)

Charlie Day putting


It was a success


Preston Elliott lining up his shot


Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olsen were the ambassadors of the day and drove around greeting all the participants.


The popular spot to be was the Iron Hill Brewery tent. In August Iron Hill is opening their 12th Location in Huntingdon Valley, PA.


Danny DeVito, Cathy Romano and Kaitlin Olsen

“It’s Always Sunny…” shoots for a swift 12 weeks and then DeVito is free to travel, maybe look for another play to do and figure out what’s next. The show has already been renewed for two more seasons, too.

“I’m not going to stop until I have to,” he said. “There’s only one deadline.” – Danny DeVito told USA Today earlier this week.



Glenn Howerton – I hear that Glenn, his wife, Rob and Kaitlin headed to the Mann on Tuesday night and enjoyed the Phish concert.


Kaitlin and Rob enjoyed seeing family and friends. Tuesday they were spotting shopping around the Rittenhouse area, stopping into the West Coast Optical at 17th and Chestnut Streets. Wednesday they stopped by Rob’s bar – Mac’s on Market Street. I bet they’re there today/tonight too since they’re filming nearby.


After golf they headed to a cocktail party, and then an awards dinner

DSC_3413 (Custom) copy

Location scouts Bryan Birge, and Shea Varge with Glenn Howerton


Mike Frederick, Nick McIlwain, WMMR, Mary Kay McGettigan  and Melissa Hilbert



WMMR radio winners who were so excited to golf with their idols, at the step and repeat before heading into the awards dinner


Marisa Magnatta was on hand to help out


Chairman of the day, Rob McElhenney hands out trophies to the winners



Doug McLaughlin, Chris Katchur, Phil Dlugolecki and Mike Colomnello with their 2nd place trophies and Rob McElhenney Sunny

After the awards were handed out, there was a video narrated by Danny DeVito that discussed the mission of Cora Services, and where the money raised would go. When all was said and done over $100,000 was raised.

There were great silent auctions, and amazing live auction items.

Live auction results:

Ellen Tickets – $2600

It’s Always Sunny Set Visit (Philly or LA) – $3300

Golf with Charlie Day & Rob McElhenney in LA – $3700

The Mick Set Visit with Kaitlin Olson – $2300

Voicemail by Danny DeVito – $1000

Game of Thrones Signed Episode 1 Script – $1000 + $900

Tomorrow It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be filming near

12th and Locust Streets.

Hope to see you there!!
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The best chance to see the whole gang is on Friday
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