Saturday Shots – A few Fun Shots Taken This Week & Notable News

Hope you had a great week. Thought I’d drop a few shots on Saturday here. Many of you may not follow me on Instagram where I post about 4 shots a day, a lot are newsworthy, which means a new store, a sale or something interesting. Plus I shoot things in general and just run out of time to post them, maybe on Saturday’s I’ll post them here.


On Thursday I headed to the Untouchables film set, which was at the Kimmel Center. It was still snowing, but worse it was freezing. Thankfully when I arrived Kevin Hart’s limo had the engine on, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before he popped out to head back to his trailer.



I could have stayed and caught a few more of the actors, but I noticed the trees were stunning with their new snow coats (That’s the wardrobe trailer on the right – this is the shot that told me get out and see beauty.)

HD1_4588 (Custom)

and I decided to go capture this rare sight

HD1_4967 (Custom)
Sometimes after a snow storm it’s windy and the snow doesn’t sit in the tree too long, plus I knew the sun was coming out soon and it would meltHD1_4610 (Custom)
It was the right decisionHD1_4623 (Custom)
HD1_4639 (Custom) HD1_4665 (Custom)
I’m sure this women appreciates me grabbing this shot, although I was really obsessed with the guy’s hat on the right
HD1_4676 (Custom)
Adorable doggie shoesHD1_4742 (Custom)
Everyone who has owned this house in Rittenhouse, has always put interesting things in this window.
More Snow Photos and a different one of Kevin Hart over at my column in Metro Philly

Also tune into CBS3 Philly Saturday night after the Grammy’s for a little piece they did on me and how to find the celebrities in Philly
2-11-2017 10-30-12 AM (Custom)
Last night I caught the very beginning of the Lunar Eclipse, but then went to the Susan G Komen party, which I’ll be writing about next week. The walk is coming up May 14

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia

HD1_3828 (Custom)
This week I covered Simon’s Fund Soiree in both Philly Mag and Philly Style Mag
It’s interesting both online mag’s started off with similar photo or ie the most notable people in the room.
Check back with PhillyChitChat on Sunday for Philly Gossip and Good News, a regular column appearing Sunday’s and Thursday’s
Have a great Saturday.

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