12 Shady Eateries

Fare in Fairmount where you will dine in the shade of the summer sun

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Ever since I recovered from Covid19, and was able to meet the take out delivery guy in our condo’s lobby, I’ve been making an effort to support local restaurants, especially the many who have supported me and my business for the past decade. These days with out door dining, I’ve been trying to support as many restuants as possible, but I tend to melt in the sun so shade is really important to me if I dine before 730PM. Here are a few shady ones for dayside dining. The list is not in any particular order.

Just dined here Monday night with Kristin Detterline. The company was fantastic, as was the food and the atmosphere. Parking was fairly easy nearby on the street.

I think everyone knows how much I love Pinefish, but to stay cool while dining there sit on the 12th Street side where it’s a shady for most of the afternoon. If you do prefer to sit on the sunny side of the street, you might want to wear SPF 50 and a sombrero.

Aaah one of the newest eating spots in the City, Juno. So delicious, beautifully decorated, shady with beautiful trees and foliage. A real joy of an evening. The only thing that’s going to make you sweat is too many jalapenos.

Another FCM Hospitality hot spot is everyone’s favorite Morgan’s Pier. I ate there shortly after it opened and was not disappointed. Almost every table has an umbrella, and a fantastic view, but remember if you get up to shoot it, wear your mask.

Another beer garden with shade and delicious food is Independence Beer Garden. Unfortunately there’s no bar games as in years gone by, but there’s a fun atmosphere with socially distant picnic tables. They’re not taking reservations, just walk ins, and there needs to be a table available to enter the space. No standing and no ordering at the bar for now.

Order the Meatball Stromboli it looks delicious ! Outdoor seating available, no reservations necessary! Marisa Magnatta recommends the Purple Haze Frozè and ask about All About The Benjamins Baby!

Royal Boucherie doesn’t open til this weekend, but I can already see the secret garden won’t be a secret for too long, wow it looks fantastic.

The Fitler Club, so delicious. I can’t wait to go back and try the burger. My husband Mike had it and he still raves about it.
Welcome to The Garden – a magical garden restaurant tucked into an urban landscape. Join us for lunch, dinner or brunch. Members reserve in the Portal. Non-member walk-ins welcome! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Hours (weather permitting):
Monday – Friday, 11:00a-3:00p
Monday – Thursday, 5p-8p
Friday & Saturday, 5p-9p
Sunday, 11a-3p

I’m fond of Fond all the time, they have beautiful awnings to keep you cool as you dine across the street from the East Passyunk Singing Fountain.

There won’t be an Oktoberfest this year, but you can still sing great German songs while you enjoy your Bavarian feast at Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street in the shade.

Estia, what can I say, the best lamb chops, Estia Chips, tomato salad, delicious, delightful and friendly. I had dinner last week, not only was there a big awning to shade the diners, but Estia had their air condition on full blast with the windows open to cool the curbside diners. OK I lied, this might actually be the winner of the shadiest restaurant in Philly.