DELILAH’S Entertainer of the Year 2011 A Pageant For Grown ups – Maybe NSFW

Think and listen to Fantasy Baby while perusing this entry…

Last week I Delilah’s, the Nationally Acclaimed, Gentlemen’s Club and Steakhouse asked me to be a celebrity judge for their annually Entertainer of the Year Exotic Dance Competition at their Spring Garden Street location. I was in good company with Erin Elmore, Philly Daily News Gossip Reporter Dan Gross, Boxer Susie Celek, Reality TV celeb from Kendra’s – Julie Dorenbos (Tidbit – Susie & Julie are opening a spray tan salon in Rittenhouse Square in May called Skin Palatte ), Bachelor Craig Robinson (who is rumored to be on the next Bachelor Pad this summer.) 2011 Wing Bowl Runner Up Bill “El Wingador” Simmons and Italian bistro manager Greg Whiting. Here we are traveling from the VIP section to the runway for the judging.The MC, who’s name I didn’t catch, introduces the contestants for this years competition. Each contestant takes this competition very seriously and the winner told me she rehearsed her routine for over two months, and as a practice stays in shape through out the year.

Darcy from Bucks County Pa, or as I nicknamed her Gothic Girl. Goth has always been in, but these days with movies like Twilight, shows like True Blood & Vampire Diaries, Goth has gone mainstream which is exactly what the opposite of what Goth is about, my friendly Goth’s tells me.
Isis, classy like Delilah’s. Delilah’s has standands, and they have rules of conduct. I’ve said it before it’s an entertainment venue. I saw men and women there, and many husband and wives. I’m uncomfortable, but these are adults and it’s none of my business. The club is located between Delaware Ave and the El bordered by Spring Garden. It has an expansive parking lot, the front door is set far from the street and there is privacy. Next door is the Zee Bar, an after hours club. It’s another fantasy of house music and fun. The whole complex is adult fun on a classy level. And did mention Alp, Buffy & Jen, good people running the club.
Last years winner Angela gave us an encore performance. So sweet she came over to say hi to me right after wards before disappearing into the crowd to say hi to her other fans.
Ring Girl
Sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes
You come and take me
On and on and on
It’s so deep in my daydreams
But it’s just a sweet sweet fantasy baby
I worked out at Fusion Cross Training Fitness for a year and a lot of it was based on body resistant training. THIS blows me away that anyone that isn’t a tiny little clown in Cirque du Soleil can do this. The competition is more than just an erotic exhibition, it’s an endurance, athletic, skilled show of shows.
although the guy behind me was yelping in excitement just as much for this move too
Winter is still in season; that’s Winter above.
I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!
ah ah ah ah
Hello!! WOW.
Payton takes to the ropes
I like the shiny floor
Darcy hanging around

Then the competition was over and the judging began. The officials asked us to write our names on the cards, I thought maybe some of the available judges would be getting party favors or lap dances in return for their high marks, but no we were told that if the voting is close the girls want to have the opportunity to question the judges on what they could do better next time to garner a higher score.
T-Shirt giveaway and these girls will give the shirts right off their backs
3rd place goes to Isis. There will be a dance off between Winter and Payton. Sounds good to me.

Erin, Dan and Buffy enjoy the view from across the runway
Payton goes all out working the stripper pole
And Winter gives it right back, but in the end
Payton prevails as Winter collects her second place title
Payton takes a walk on the runway “There She Is Miss”, oh wait that’s something else. I couldn’t recall the song over the cheers of the audience, no doubt the choice jelled well with them.
The Winners Circle – Winter, Payton and Isis

Buffy E. Morgan , Marketing Director for Delilah’s, WINNER Petyon, Jennifer Shamy Exlay Owner of Delilah’s, and Christie Lanston,