The Moshulu’s The Deck is where you’ll want to spend your summer nights

The Moshulu’s The Deck is where you’ll want to spend your summer nights

Welcome abroad the ladies manning “the list” to the Moshulu’s “The Deck” happily said to me at Wednesday night’s sneak preview of the newly renovated ship. In the past I had been on the Moshulu for dinner, lunch and cocktail hour and found the vessel to be dated. Speaking of dated, it was the special restaurant my mom and dad loved going to for date night while I was growing up. It has a special place in my heart. After undergoing an extensive renovation, the Moshulu is ready for business. The Deck area is ready for prime time, and happy hour with it’s new coat of deep marine blue, giving it life. Ding dong the black is gone. The Deck is beautiful and appealing. I love the new furniture, tables and the landscaping is very appealing, and the food delicious. Marty Grims, and family run the Moshulu and Fearless Restaurants. Let’s see who was there…


Lori DeFinis and Nikol Texera

HD1_0659 (Custom)Bobbie Booker and Elizabeth Wellington

HD1_0661 (Custom)Katie Hines, Chelsea DeLaGrana and Federico Andrade

HD1_0662 (Custom)

The Deck’s renovation is amazing

HD1_0666 (Custom)
Gina Gannon, Eddie Keels, Owner & Publisher, Philly Current Magazine, Meg Arbo and Cassie Hepler, Explore Philly

HD1_0679 (Custom)

The views are spectacular

HD1_0668 (Custom)

Mary Ruegg, Olivia Falcione, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Jimmy Contreras, Public Relations Specialist  The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia and Kristin Detterline

HD1_0675 (Custom)Taylor Shikitino, Kerith Gabriel, Editor-in-chief , and Brooke Jaquith

HD1_0685 (Custom)Emilio Diaz, Janine Saoabr, Kirsten Furez and Evan Boake

HD1_0686 (Custom)
Crazy Shakes @moshuluphilly, these are sample sizes, the real ones come in actual Milk Shake Glasses. I spent too much time talking and not enough time
eating, well except for this, which stopped me dead in my tracks. I keep forgetting what they’re called, so I’m just going to say Heaven!

HD1_0687 (Custom)

Griffin Kauscher and Marissa Baum

HD1_0691 (Custom)

During the summer months The Deck will have fitness activities with some of this crew

HD1_0638 (Custom)

Wayne, Sydney Grims and Gwi

HD1_0640 (Custom)

Stacia Mero and Adrien Carlson

HD1_0657 (Custom)
John Young and Danielle Cohn with Jaimi Blackburn, Director of Marketing for Fearless Restaurants (Moshulu Restaurant Bar Deck , White Dog and Autograph Brassiere to name a few) and Ron Blackburn

HD1_0645 (Custom)

Victor Blank, Jules Rodin, Taylor Durovsik, Sidney Grimes and Nick Catalana

HD1_0649 (Custom)

Mike Grims, Nicasio Lovecchio and Katie Galie

Julie Abramson, Melissa Leonard and Kristen Alderson

HD1_0650 (Custom)

Karly Tarpley and Tom Weir

HD1_0651 (Custom)

Danielle DelRe and Meredith Street

HD1_0655 (Custom)

George Figueroa and Randi Pavlow

HD1_0674 (Custom)

Check out our events calendar we are hosting yoga every Sunday, boot camp classes, happy hours with Philly influencers, and late night parties!! Our Summer Launch Party is next Friday, May 19th! Hope to see you there! Xoxo #thedeckphilly

The Moshulu is docked at Penns Landing, and there’s a pay parking lot located next to it.