PHILADELPHIA STYLE AUGUST ISSUE PARTY AT 10 ARTS re: Terrence Howard in the house, but not on Philly Chit Chat today

The Ritz-Carlton’s “The Grill” restaurant was cleared out so Philadelphia Style could fete their July/August cover boy Terrence Howard in style with a Philly VIP party, good food by Philly homegirl Jennifer Carroll of 10 Arts. (you know how this rolls, if there’s a chance of a publication of the celebrity I have shot I can’t scoop my self, so this entry is all about our Philly Celebrities and the fantastic party thrown by Philadelphia Style Magazine, can I call it Philly for short, I like that name [I could go by Hugh, but you know I like HughE better too.]) It was a packed house and why not, Philly Style does it up right. A few weeks back I wrote that the exclusive party would be limited to 200 invitees, but I think there could have been a crasher or two but not many more than that.Here are our hosts for the evening: Publisher John Colabelli, BJ Spencer, Chef Eric Ripert, Craig Spencer and Ritz-Carlton GM Mike Walsh (Missing Niche Media owner, Jason Binn) Mark S Cherry and film maker, Edward J. Eberwine, III (He just finished working on “Dare” with Emmy Rossum and Alan Cummings, which was filmed right here in Phillywood. I remember trying to get a contact on that site to shoot the set and a scene, but to now avail. Hopefully I can get on the next film set, which he says begins in late August. He has a degree in Cinematography and has produced and directed a few films. “The process of filmmaking, from story telling to technical , is an amazing thing and I hope to do it for a long time to come.” Now here’s another fellow in the film business, Richard Wolf, TLA Entertainment (Acquisitions & Marketing Director), and Susan Helfrich. Susan appeared in the premiere issue of Philly Style Magazine alongside
Sharon Pinkenson, GPFPO and Joseph Weiss (we skipped the usually fashion shot as Sharon had just had “minor” foot surgery she told me; and although she sported the open toe look with both of her footwear, I didn’t think she’d appreciate it if I took that fashion shot), but you know she is always styling it for us. I really should have asked what she was wearing, because if you look at her dress it’s very zipper intensive, which is really very unique.
Sister Act: Mia and Nina Tinari. You will recall an early June posting about Kimberly Boutique’s 3rd Anniversary fête when Nina picked up this beautiful Tibi dress. Mia bought her outfit there too!Ruben Harley and Greg Bell with a few T-Shirts from their product linePaige Wolf and Mal Someone’s missing, John Bolaris looks so lonely. When I spoke to him he said she would show up soon and I wouldn’t be disappointed CN8’s Greg Coy, Jaimi Gordon, PR Ritz-Carlton and Mike Walsh, GM Ritz-Carlton
GM Ritz-Carlton and KYW’s Ukee Washington, as tall and as personable in person
We last ran into WOGL’s Jamyra Perry with her friend Melony Roy EP from Hear Philly at the Zoobilee last month, remember I spent more time shooting the polar bears than people. Melony is still doing podcasts re: Hear Philly! is an online radio station that takes you on an audio odyssey of Philadelphia and The Countryside®. Hear Philly showcases the things that make Philly More Fun. It’s devoted to things to do, what to see and where to eat when you’re out and about in the Philadelphia area.!/2886.html
R-L Amanda Markowitz, Taneise and Jeff Marshall, Lisa Glass and Michael Smith, Pres. Land Rover Jaguar (hmm I bet they have some really good sales at his dealership right now)

The VIP girls passed my way, and even though it was the eve of my birthday, I decided to pass on the delectibles. Down in front is Kate Dugan with the Godiva chocolate, and behind her with the cocktails is Jennifer Dewitt.

I ran into the Nicole Miller Girls, who we last saw at Philly Style “Hot List Party”. Syndi Son, Jen Derrah and I do believe that Jillian Dunn does look better sans cigar. I know I just dropped the hint that Wednesday was my B-DAY, but it was also the first day of press registration for NYC Fashion Week, which I love to shoot. This will be my fifth time, and I just love it. The shows will be featuring clothes for Spring 2009. I love shooting the Spring Season because its actually warm outside too, unlike Fall 2009 which is put on at Bryant Park in February.
After an hour or so the crowd did thin out a bit, maybe some of them were going to the Closing Night Party of the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival at the Top of the Tower (I will be posting those shots Friday so you can enjoy them through the weekend, it will take that long to soak them all in) Stephy Freedman (sans her wine connoisseur husband Brian ), Kaycee Cashman, Holly Dean, Dana Lombardo and KYW producer Mac.
a gentleman friend, Sabrina Tamburino, BJ Spencer, Arden Group, and Carol Tamburino of Tuner Construction Company. I had a nice chat with BJ who tells me the Ritz-Carlton Residences will be read late October. I hope to get a look inside as I know that it is a dream place to live. Maybe I will get to cover a party or two when it opens, or perhaps future residents Marc and Tania Schade, who we met at the 10 Arts opening in May will invite us over?

Prudential Realtor coworkers and friends, Margeaux and Eden Silverstein Alums – Andrew Rosenthal, Valerie Blassey and Matt Carter
David Neff, Neff Associates and guest

Diane Johnson, Tierney & Associates and Jimmy Contreras, Kimberly Boutique
Nicole Cashman stops by with Justin Wineburgh
Political columnist Mary Patel and Red Tettemer Spinster Matthew Vlahos. You have got to check out their website today, their wallpaper changes monthly and this month is a tribute to AMC’s original TV show “Madmen”. (I was there for the photo shoot and will be posting the behind the scene shots next week) Plus tune in monthly to see what clever idea they might have next.
Monica Malpass. I don’t see her for over a year and now in less than two weeks I see her three times. Welcome back Monica. Looks like she has a Versace top on. She’s always so sweet to catch up on.
10 Arts Chef and Philly hometown girl, Jennifer Carroll. Jennifer tells me that everything is going great, that the response from her hometown was going well, she really enjoyed cooking for the people in the City where she grew up. On to the FOOD: The dishes people seem to like are the sliders made with stripe bass (not crab like I thought. what do I know?) The secret is in the blend, the cut, sun dried tomatoes and I believe her special touch. Also the Flat Iron Filet has been a favorite. 10 Arts gets their meats from Pineland Farms natural meats in NH. Pineland cattle eat grass as long as possible, then feed on small feedlots of grain, hay, and some corn and soybean meal. To her left is Niche Media CEO Jason Binns, who tells me that he likes Philly Chit Chat and “You’ve created something really nice for Philadelphia.” I mean you can’t get a better compliment than that. I asked about a few possible choices for covers, and I got a maybe, but I can’t discuss, but if you are a regular reader you might guess who; to his left, celebrity Chef and 10 Arts owner Eric Ripert. Didn’t have a chance to chat with him, probably would have asked about his beautiful wife who was so sweet to me when I met her in May, oh and probably about 10 Arts.

Christopher and Patricia DiGeorge with Lina and Carmen Tomassetti of , which has provided entertainment for some of Philly Style’s earlier parties that I have written about; His . I really should have cropped this closer, as Lina was really rocking it with her shoes, and well her whole outfit. By this time though it was getting late, and I was out the door to the next event, but
then John kindly brought Kerri-Lee Halkett over and I got the quick two shot before they ran out the door to get ready for the 10 o’clock show. Finally, sweet gift bag. Wish I got one cause it was loaded. Oh and by the way we have a winner for the Daily Candy gift bag that I held a contest for, so thanks for all your responses. I will try and do that again, sorry this one got away, but in it was: a gift certificate from Sorrelli Jewelers, Le Sport bag, Studio Haircut certificate for a free haircut, American Male haircut and hand massage, Chima Restaurant 2 for 1 coupon, Nicole Miller tie, Style Magazine, a few other things I missed as folks kept pulling me away to take their photos on the red carpet, then they would say is this going in the magazine, which I had to break their hearts and say no, but it might show up on Philly Chit Chat, and that seemed to be fine when I explained what the site is. OK and finally this really nice tote bag from Fabulous Stationary and an emergency pack of cards, you know like what you should keep at work when its your office mates birthday like hint hint mine yesterday!!