Philly Loves It’s Front-line Workers – Thank You!!

These are strange days, as we struggle with filling time, dealing with isolation, family matters, home schooling and loneliness. It’s a huge sacrifice to stay healthy, to keep our family, friends and neighbors safe. Thank you for doing so, humanity thanks you and Philly Thanks You!!

It’s great to see so many people come together in this crisis to appreciate front line workers doctors, nurses, as well as housekeepers, store clerks, train conductors, essential workers who keep our world going even if we’re not utilizing it fully at the moment. Thank You.

Every Tuesday the City lights it’s buildings in blue to thank Frontline Health Workers.

I’m now 100 % healthy and a Covid19 survivor.

I was excited to shoot some of our favorite buildings lit up to honor Front Line Health Workers,

as well as Philly loves essential workers as the City lights up with a lot of love.

Social distancing at the art museum Tuesday night. Note the flags are at half staff.

If you look closely you can see Comcast Tower One has an XO spelled out with it’s windows.

Aaah the Hilton Penn’s Landing gave it a good shot, but when I look at this I want a soft pretzel.
The Four Seasons is amazing. I saw them put this together over a two night period. The first night was a little off, I tweeted to my people it looks like a heart, maybe. The 2nd night it turned out amazing.
The Loews Hotel perfection.

The same organization who kept open the Liberty Bell during the Government shutdown last year, Visit Philly spearheaded a campaign to thank essential workers in Philly on Wednesday. Philadelphia says “Thank You”. Check out more on the project at CBSPhilly and Conrad Benner’s Streets Dept blog.