Whirlwind Weekend In Atlantic City – Cabot Cheese NJ Food Bank Poker Game at Borgata, Maroon 5 Concert

What a great weekend in Atlantic City. Thanks to Cabot Cheese, Bob & Roberta for hosting Mike and I at the Borgata all weekend. Thanks to Marilyn Russell for picking me as a “celebrity” poker player for #

 The weekend started off with the wedding of my niece Lauren Wilkins, marrying John Kluesner, which we celebrated in Egg Harbor Twp Friday afternoon. As long time readers you may recall that Lauren is the daughter of Walt Wilkins and my sister Judy Wilkins, who passed away in 2009 of Ovarian Cancer. The wedding was hosted by Walk and his wife Margie, who we adore, at their new home which is gorgeous.

Butterflies were present in many of the rooms and all around the yard, that Judy’s sign to us that she was still with us.

 Mom and sisters Margaret and Tracy
 The bride and groom, with my family.
Then it was off to Borgata to meet the other players that were going to be participating in the Cabot Bad Beat on Hunger Poker Tournament at the Borgata Poker Room to raise funds for The NJ Food Bank. Here’s Mark and Mimi. Married 15 years, Mimi took up poker at Mark’s encouragement, as he dabbled in it. Now Mimi is a serious player, and in fact last year won the tournament, then donated the $8,000 pot back to the NJ Food Bank. 

Later in the evening Marilyn Russell, Mike and I headed to the restaurant you should always have on your list when visiting Atlantic City, as well as the Borgata – izakaya. So good, and the service is impeccable. It’s very reasonable too.

Chicken wings, delish

Lobster Sushi, OMG the best dish I’ve had this year.

 My fav dish at Sampan – Rock Shrimp – Michael Shulson owns both restaurants.
 3 of us for dinner was $160 with drinks.

On Saturday night we had a delicious dinner at Bobby Flay’s
Here’s Evelyn, The NJ Food Bank, Marilyn Russell, Roberta, Cabot Cheese and Marie, the poker shark – LOL. She also works for an amazing DC non-profit in the community.

Thanks Bob Schiers, RAS Associates, for your hospitality

Having never played poker with real people, as opposed to the poker game on my phone, the Cabot team coached me a couple times, one time at breakfast using sugar packets.

Cabot Cheese had a delicious spread during the competition.

 Mike chronicled my day. I lasted 3 hrs, outlasting two pros. One time I won $7500 from one of the pro’s, his head exploded. It was great. When I was out I let the Cashman & DoAC folks, I would take them up on their offer to stop by and catch the Maroon 5 Concert, Mike was really excited cause I was about to head home after what was already an amazing weekend. So glad we went.
Mike and I checking out what the general admission area was like
The police reported no problems with the 50,000 crowd. Everyone had a great time
Inside the gates there were a lot of food choices including fruit.
Mike tries out Mishka cocktail, on the left is the creator. Mike said it was delicious.

We made our way over to the #DoAC tent to meet up with our friends

Jarrod, David, Todd and Jeff
It was a great time.
 Mike and I at the #DoAC tent
Everyone wanted that close up of Adam Levine, Maroon 5
An hour after the concert the beach bar next door was still bopping.

Bart Blatstein’s Playground was hopping to. Marilyn and I checked it out on Saturday afternoon. There’s so much to do there. Lots of choices, and a menu by the Garces Group.
They even have karaoke now – Friday & Saturday
from 9pm to 1am. with $3 beer, $5 wine, $5 fireball and $6 smirnoff
drinks all night in our Karaoke Bar. Whats your favorite karaoke song?
See you at the Playground Pier at Caesars this weekend in AC.
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