What did Jason Cichonski bring back from Top Chef New Orleans?

 2 weeks ago

 Katie, Christie and I headed to Ela to enjoy Jason Cichonski’s one-night-only, 5-course pig dinner

 hmm delicious first course. it was two weeks ago I can’t remember what it was
 egg on pork
OMG I wish I could remember what this was, but it was delicious.
  I knew he was away for about 8 weeks and I asked him what was the highlight of his trip.  He showed us his new tattoo; said it took 7 hours to do. Then he was
tight lipped to anything else, although Foobooz says Both Jason Cichonski and Nick Elmi will be competing on this year’s Top Chef (set in New Orleans – OMG MUST SEE TV), premiering Oct. 2 on Bravo. Check out Eater Philly today for a clip from the show featuring Philly’s hottest chefs (It was Eater Philly that hinted that these two would be on the show, and why I was armed with loaded questions for Jason when I had dinner. He was tight lipped.)