TRANSFORMERS 2 FILMING AT CITY HALL Thursday, could it be true?

I got a call from a friend who told me that filming for Transformers 2 would be at City Hall on Thursday; which would make sense because when I saw this listed for the filming locations on a website that I monitor it stated:

June 14 The Free Library on Ben Franklin Parkway,

PA Richmond Power Plant, PA

June 18 “Saturn on Hook”, no idea exactly what that means, maybe local Philly residents will

Thursday unknown location but involved a French theme (HughE’s note to self – hmm I wonder where that could be)

June 22 Brooklyn Bridge, NY

June ? Princeton University

So I thought I would go over and visit my friend in City Hall Tour Director Greta Greenberger for confirmation, but I didn’t need to as it had all come to me (Here she is with Dorothy a volunteer guide who’s been with the program for about 12 years.) When I rounded the bend from South Broad I saw lots of cables running along the ground
a couple guards posted in the courtyard, note the one in the center leaning against a trash can that I know isn’t usually located on the Center Squareand lo and behold equipmentis that you bumblebee? so on Thursday, don’t even think about using these tunnels for a short cut as they will be closed for the filming of Transformers 2

but come Friday, or Monday through Friday be sure to stop by Rm 121 for a trip to the observation tower, or maybe even a tour of City Hall by Greta or one of the volunteer tour guides. There is a small fee charged and all tours end at the observation tower. The tour of the building is given once a day at 12:30PM and leaves from Rm 121. Tower tours are given every 15 minutes, but you need to go to Rm 121 to make your reservation. Go early, the 1901 elevator only holds 5 people and it fills up daily. Contact phone 215-686-2840 You will learn that City Hall is one of the most magnificent examples of French 2nd Empire design around.
Enjoy yourself if you go, as I will be in NYC Thursday til Sunday shooting Julia Roberts, Jill Scott, Rhianna, Kelly Ripa, Abigail Breslin, Lorretta Lynn, John Legend and maybe a few more peeps that are on my wish list. But don’t fret Philly Chit Chat will be published Thursday & Friday as I have a long list of things to report on; god knows I am behind.